• Should Obama use the Nuclear Option to Eliminate Joseph Kony?

    March 27, 2012 3:38 pm 108 comments
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  • (chrisTwire)—The recent viral phenomenon that is Kony 2012 has raised serious questions about the ability and willingness of Obama to use American might, technology, and influences to protect the people of the world from injustice. Syria, Egypt, Canada, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Uganda all highlight our current administrations foreign policy and more importantly humanitarian failures.

    Obama has only proven himself to be a coward. While American televisions are flooded with senseless injustices, while young boys are given guns and told to go kill and young girls are tuned into sex slaves, he spends his time filling out NCAA brackets instead of helping to govern the world as a proper American president should. America has been given the gift of peace prosperity and leadership. These are not only to be seen as blessing but as a sign from the heavens that the world is our responsibility.

    groundnukeAnd what should a proper American president do? Intervene, but intervene responsibly. It is senseless to send American troops to fight an African warlord in the jungles of central Africa. It is his home territory. We would easily get bogged down in a new Vietnam. In World War Two we ended the war with Japan with nuclear weapons. Shamefully we have not used them since, but instead have sent American sons to die in wars they did not have to fight. We can correct this situation and Obama can increase his popularity amongst conservative voters by eliminating Kony and his “Lord’s Resistance Army” with nuclear weapons.

    The Lord’s Resistance Army is confined to an area in northern Uganda. While this area is a nightmare for ground troops it is a perfect area to use strategic nuclear weapons. The low population density and diverse terrain are exactly what a large yield thermonuclear warhead is designed to handle. We could easily be celebrating a “mission accomplished” within hours of deciding we are willing.

    kony mapA cost savings benefit for American taxpayers

    In addition to eliminating Kony 2012, we can actually realize a fiscal benefit for America with the nuclear option. Because of arms treaties we have to disassemble and dispose of our current nuclear arsenal. This is very expensive. By using these weapons instead of dismantling them we will realize a huge financial windfall for the American taxpayer. Maybe even resulting in rebate checks like we saw under the leadership of George W Bush. In addition to the savings incurred from not having to dismantle and dispose, there will be ample opportunities for American companies and contractors to move in and fill the void left by the elimination of Joseph Kony. It truly is a win-win for everyone.

    Japan as an example of nuclear success

    Japan is a perfect example of a country that has done great after experiencing a nuclear love tap at the hands of America. Japan was instantly transformed from a feudal culture to an industrial one and has now even recently transformed itself into one of the world’s few service based economies like the United States. Ask any Japanese person there opinion on the matter and they will agree that their country has come a long way since we leveled it almost 70 years ago.

    nuke konyPresident Obama, will you continue to cower like you have the first three years of your presidency, or will you turn this final year into a respectable one and do the right thing?It is time to nuke Joseph Kony


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