• AMC The Walking Dead – Season 2 Episode 211 Review and Spoiler Video Online Now (Shot Not Taken)

    March 6, 2012 7:38 am 16 comments
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  • Christian TV Review: The Walking Dead, Season 2 Episode 11 (The Shot Not Taken)
    Channel: AMC; Genre: Post-Metal Death Gore/Zombie

    Atheists are using the Walking Dead as a propaganda tool to recruit children into hating God and heaven.

    The Walking Dead is an atheistic take on what the world will be like after the rapture.  While that premise would not have been too bad, all the gratuitous sex scenes, carnal violence, adultery, cussing and blaspheming and the show’s target demographic including children, we can safely say The Walking Dead is one of the most horrible and dangerous television shows of all time.

    While all of the nasty themes of the show should actually be expected in a world where all Christians have been called to live in heaven, the show tries too hard to be controversial.  The unneeded sex scenes and gross violence in it are excessive.  Quintin Tarantino, the man who made Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, is even turning his nose at all the gore and cannibalism in this series.  The newest episode, The Shot Not Taken, was probably the worst episode of this show, yet.

    Annoying and preachy, unshaven and Earthy, the victim Dale was always presented as the show’s Christian humanitarian. It’s as if the show’s producers wanted everyone to think that Christians are all pseudo-hippies who wax poetic about ethics and take no action in the face of crises or danger, and deserve to be colon pestered by sex-enraged zombies with an appetite for holiness.

    This episode wasted no time in promoting its musky mix of necromania and blasphemy, having a sex-crazed shirtless zombie reverse sodomize and then feast upon the newly post-Apocalypse Christian minister on the show, named Dale.

    In this shocking scene, Dale is treated to a slow, ritualistic destruction of his morals. After being forcibly violated by the zombie as he yipped for help, Dale could only sit wide-eyed in violated horror as the zombie then slowly began to eat him from the guts that were just submitted to an unwanted advance of zombie DNA.

    All while this happened, an adulterous and homocidal character named Shane giggled with delight, taking his time to get to Dale and ‘help him’ fight off the zombie. Shane was upset because he wanted to ‘string up’ a boy who wandered upon the group’s camp, only looking for a bite to eat for his family that coincidentally has the same number of members as the Duggar family.

    These themes are offensive to Christians.  What worse death can you imagine than to be attacked by a homosexual frisky fingers zombie who violated your backsides, then eats your insides, as an adulterous cop laughs about it off in the distance?  After a weak-willed, non-slapping his adulterous wife sheriff named Rick finally reached Dale, it was all but over.  No one in the group decided to tell the fading clergy that they decided not to kill the young Christian who happened upon their camp.

    At this point you may be thinking to yourself, wow, how can this get much worse.  Homosexual zombie attacks?  Slow, gory deaths of old men with dignified beards?  How can the writers dig the grave any deeper?  Oh, they can.

    In this image, we have little kiddo named Carl.  As you can see, the kid was able to steal an unsecured gun and then found himself confronted with a zombie near a van, down by the river.  This kid is the son of the sheriff and the town’s hooker.  For some reason, instead of shooting the zombie or warning others about it, he shamefully struggled to pelt the zombie with rocks and then scampered away through a meadow.

    In the next scene, the Carl child walks up to a woman whose daughter was murdered by Shane only days before.  She’s crying at her daughter’s grave and looks over to Carl, likely thinking he needs comfort seeing the only kid around his age murdered.  She told Carl that little Sophia, her girl, was now in heaven.  Everything was okay.

    No sooner than she said this line, Carl offended her in the worst way possible:  “Heaven is a lie, and if you believe it, you’re an idiot.”

    This line was clearly contributed by Bill Maher, who we are told ‘calls in’ lines to the show.  What a horrible thing for this boy to say.  Instead of showing a scene of retribution where Sheriff Rick takes off a nice leather belt and whips up the child for daring to say such untrue things, then makes him apologize, we get only more gore and Shane flirting with Rick’s hooker wife.

    The rest of the episode was overly intense and dramatic, with slow camera pans and inconsequential conversation about fallen human morality.  If God has already raptured everyone to heaven, of course these people are immoral and flawed.  The one decent guy is now killed off and we see the boy is becoming a Gary Stu Richard Dawkins avatar.

    This episode of the Walking Dead is further proof of the atheist agenda and them taking twisting stories from Revelation for their own greed and purposes.

    Christian TV Review:  THE WALKING DEAD

    RATED U (UNSAVORY) for:  not punishing a kid for saying heaven is not real, homosexual zombies, atheist themes, gun violence, cheating wife not chastised enough, cussing, father encouraging the Asian kid to continue having premarital carnality with his daughter, one man violating jury conviction and sentence of death


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