• Apple Unveils AIRE Mask, Your Breath Can Now Power Your iPhone, Tablet, or iPad

    March 12, 2012 1:52 pm 28 comments
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  • New AIRE Mask and Smartphone uses wind power from the lungs to keep personal electronic devices charged and operating.

    We’ve all faced it, the agonizing point in time we’re in mid-conversation on our phone that’s facing battery asystole.  After several weak beeps and a depleted, red battery symbol later, men are desperately squatting by outlets in airports and women tempted to turn a few tricks just to get to an iota more battery life for that danged phone.

    What’s shocking is that in the year 2012, when we have to debate if it’s financially feasible to travel to Mars and we can  instantly communicate face-to-face with any person in the world, that we still have phone batteries that can’t keep charge for more than a day or two.

    Sure, we’re still so primitive that we cannot clearly communicate in a Sonic’s drive-thru without sounding like we’re Picard trying to send a message to Earth through the Orion nebula, being chased by midichlorian-toking Borg stormtroopers (that’d actually be pretty sweet), but until this point in time battery technology has seemed just about as shockingly bad as the scratchable surface of a cd.

    The image you see of the lovely model with a rebreather on her face shows the future of humanity.  Taught and tight bodied individuals, merrily running through open fields because we don’t have to worry about faulty battery charges.  The item she has on her face is called the AIRE mask and it is expected to revolutionize activity and battery power.

    The mask harnesses the wind power that’s created when we breath out.  Imagine a wind farm.  Your lungs are the massive gales of power, the mask the spinning turbine converter and your electronic device the beneficiary.

    The device will be able to power any personal electronic device, including iPods, iPads, tablets and your mobile.

    This clever piece of American technology is currently being built in Brazil and built by a Brazilian.  That does not matter because Apple fanboys will claim Steve Jobs’ ghost built it and will authorize it for world distribution in 2013.

    Dream machine: The AIRE mask works equally well during sleep

    Exhausted after a long Saturday of a wife’s weekend nagging and taking the kid to their sports meet, this exhausted father finally relaxes on his couch and lets his mighty snores power and charge his cell phone.

    The device’s true creator is hoping this invention can help reduce pollution, the dependence on batteries and increase human’s recognition that our bodies can power devices.

    AIRE mask compatible devices may soon opt to use a new type of ‘storage battery’ as well.  New batteries will have a life of 15 years and can store up energy we use while running, talking, horizontal polka with the wife in the bedrooming or any other physical activity.  Even sitting and breathing it enough power to charge up many devices.

    While the function of the AIRE mask is still in its early stages, its important to remember its not a replace for batteries trying to keep a full gadget phone that’s running apps, taking pictures and being a mini-computer for hours on end.  That technology is in progress, but a human-powered/solar hybrid charged device is a environmentally friendly alternative to which everyone call look forward.

    There is also the benefit of having a ‘backup’ emergency phone, currently being called the SmartOne.  The SmartOne phone is currently designed to be a backup emergency phone, to be stored in a car’s safety kit.  If your main phone dies, with just a few puffs of the breath you will have a fully charged phone that can call anywhere in the world.  Not too shabby.

    Cool idea: The inventor hopes the AIRE mask will help tackle global warming by reducing carbon footprints

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