• Are Barack Obama and David Cameron Hiding a Secretly Gay Hotdog Kiss Affair?

    March 16, 2012 3:21 am 8 comments
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  • First it was this.

    barack obama and david cameron kissing 22036 1306513015 8 Barack Obama and David Cameron Kissing with Tongues

    If you click that image above, you will see my brilliant report which broke the news of Obama’s homosexuality.  Over 18 million people learned the truth from viewing my article.  My research also revealed that this was no new thing for Obama.

    I had done research and found out Obama is what gays call ‘a bottom’s up boy’.  His secret gay lover came forward and interviewed with ChristWire and we revealed all the saucy details of that relaltionship.  Not only a few hours after we published, did the big publications like The Globe and Daily Mail pick up our story and help us spread the truth.

    Still, many people wanted to give Obama the benefit of the doubt.  Stories of Obama’s wooing Hawaiin cabana boys by stroking his manchest as he emerged from the warm tropical waters were brushed of by Biden and company as normal for world leaders.  Did you ever see George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan disrespcting America like this?

    As time has gone on, we continually gather more proof that Obama is supporing the gay agenda.  Since he’s been president, more states than ever before have been able to allow sodomied gay marriage rites.  If that fact is not scary enough, Obama now lets men be backside bunker buddies in the military.  And we wonder why we cannot win the war on terror?

    How can we terrorize those who think our army is a bunch of twinkle toed sallies!

    It gets worse!

    Here we see Obama and his little bosom buddies team up to support the gay agenda in an ad only meant to run in the gay friendly United Kingdom and Australia.  Look at how Biden naughtily smiles in Obama’s direction.  I bet that was one musky campaign bus in 2008 my friends.  Yuck.

    Then, there was one of my favorite stories.  Baseball is the way to tell when a man has come of age. 

    Every father has proudly thrown 90 miles an hour fastballs at his son, to see if he flinches or if he is ready to catch the pitch.

    If you throw the fastball and your son dodges or squinches his eyes, shaking his hands after he catches it, you know he is still a girl.  His testosterone hasn’t kicked in yet. If her cries like a dandy, you know you need to send him immediately to military school so he doesn’t become gay.

    But that proud day, when you throw your most hell fiery pitch toward your son, sending that baseball flying like a God-sent meteorite set to smoosh San Francisco or better WEST HOLLYWOOD on Vine Street!, and your son casually catches it and says, “You’re getting old dad?” and then throws a 100 mph whopper back at you without effort.  You’ve done raiseded a good boy!  That is a fine boy you got.

    But look at the left.  Look at how Obama sissy throws that baseball!  I spat out my Budweiser and spilled my chips when I saw it happen!  I was angry and I know God was shamed!  What sort of sissy-foot, madrassa raised nonsense is this!  He can’t even throw a baseball like a man, and he’s well over puberty!

    That is a gay pitch you see at left, my friends, and let me tell you, Obama has plenty of experience playing pitcher and catcher for THE WRONG TEAM!

    He could not even throw the ball over home plate.

    How many times do we have to see Obama dressing in Lady Marmalade hooker Christina Aguilerra drunk in the raver’s bottom puckered LSD paint section at Brazilian Carnival before we go ahead and realize that we got a light footed president.

    Michelle Obama is like Lisa Marie Pressly to Michael Jackson.  A ruse!

    Can you trust this face in 2012?

    If you are a resposnible American, the answer is no.  Obama is stuffing his hot dog in David Cameron and vice versa.  It’s all over the news and it’s shaming America.  The symbolism is clear and we have to take back this country.  We must make it Godly again, my friends.

    Let us make America whole milk again.  Fortified with Vitamin D for Doma, homogenized without homosexual agenda in our pure, wholesome WHITE’s House.  Amen.

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