• Bobby Brown Charged with DUI, Chris Brown to Defend Him

    March 29, 2012 10:27 am 3 comments
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    Bobby Brown, Ex-Husband of Whitney Houston, was arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence on Monday.  I can’t say that I am suprised, with all the alcohol and drugs this family has used in a week, you could keep a small Columbian city in business for a month.


    Authorities state that Mr. Brown was travelling in excess of 103MPH in a 65MPH zone and talking on his cell phone.  When they pulled him over, his word were very slurred and he couldn’t sing “My Prerogative” to the Officers.  They then asked him to preform a sobriety test, which included some Michael Jackson dance moves and singing any Lil’ Wayne rap ever, both of which are almost impossible even when sober.  The actions of the Police, have caused many to think Bobby Brown will get off or only receive community service.



    Being a smart black, Bobby Brown hired the most well known criminal he could, Chris Brown (OJ Simpson was busy playing golf).  Chris Brown is an expert in our legal system, as he has gotten himself out of 3 DUIs, a domestic assault charge and 3 rape charges, just in 2011.  The fact that they are uncle and nephew, does not play into this legal struggle.  They are simply trying to say that the Police are harrassing Booby Brown for being a black, which is false and irrelevant. We all know that Bobby Brown is a drug user and possibly gave Whitney Houston her death meal of Cocaine and bathwater.  It is almost like Liberals are fine with blacks causing crime rates to skyrocket, yet the minute a White man takes some money from other White men in an insider trading deal, the White guy should get the death penalty, while the black criminal, drug dealing, drunk driver needs probabtion.  Ridiculous.



    If Bobby Brown’s lawyer Chris Brown can get away with beating a woman and giving her herpes, and get away with it, he will obviously be setting Bobby Brown free again, free to run over children in a crack-fueled haze.

    Bobby Brown and Chris Brown both need to be locked in a prison cell for life.  This is just my opinion, but I am right about my opinion too.

    Even his dead wife thinks I am correct…



    In other news, Will Ferrell has confirmed that he will do a re-make of his famous movie “Anchorman”.  Normally, re-makes are reserved for classic movies, but Will Ferrell is so arrogant that he believes “Anchorman” is a classic.  Many people are thrilled by this ridiculous movie, but even more are excited by the fact that they are re-making it.  What a horrible idea, and the studio doing the re-make will be filing bankruptcy immediately after the release.



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