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    March 17, 2012 11:33 pm 23 comments
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  • Project X the long anticipated teen-party comedy blockbuster branded as, “a party film for a new generation” shadows three practically prepubescent white American high school boys all of whom are hell-bent on throwing the definitive “balls out – anything goes party” of all time, believing doing so will make them popular among their peers.

    But Project X fails to deliver by using the same worn plotline and teen-movie formula used in scores of coming of age teen-party films of the 1970s and 80s. It’s nothing new; a group of uncool kids hoping to get noticed by the hot popular girls throw a massive party that gets predictably out of control and criminal mayhem ensues.

    Ultimately Project X is just another teen movie but strays from its predecessors like Animal House or Revenge of the Nerds which were filmed against a college campus background using collegiate aged actors. Shamelessly Project X gives viewers an “in-your-face” portrayal of young high school aged students in the 10th through 12th grades when most high schoolers are under-aged minors.

    Project X Glorifies Teen Drug & Alcohol Use and Premarital Unprotected Sex

    As expected the film relies heavily on juvenile “potty mouth humor” and as in all teen movies the consumption of alcohol, drug use and steamy sexual situations dominates the movie clearly sending the wrong message that substance abuse and sex are necessary ingredients for teens to have a “good time.”

    Project X also departs from other teen movies by using graphic footage of these youngsters consuming copious volumes of liquor, smoking marijuana and snorting cocaine. Scenes of drunken and drugged partygoers depict these under aged students
    behaving recklessly, laughing, falling down, and stumbling around the pool with slurred speech. And of course dad’s prized BMW winds up at the bottom of the pool.

    The most shocking aspect of this film comes in the last 40 minutes when the camera captures a number of young, inebriated and impressionable school children as they strip off their clothes and take great pride in showing off their tight young hard bodies, developing breasts, fine asses and hung ankle spankers. And it doesn’t take long before these kids begin exploring the bodies of their friends as the party rages into the night.

    During the pre-screening of this film I considered walking out finding the movie both disturbing and pornographic. I enjoy movies like Road Trip or Animal House; they’re entertaining and made for an older audience. Had Project X been filmed in a collegiate environment, my review of this movie wouldn’t be as scathing.

    Project X is a damnable coming-of-age dark comedy film that’s predicted to do well at the box office. The movie is bound to be a big hit with America’s Godless, misguided heathen youth, and offers nothing for an older demographic. The film has no Christian values and blatantly promotes drinking, drugs and sex to America’s innocent and impressionable younger teens.

    Project X is a Pedophiles Wet Dream

    The only social value Project X offers is to the law enforcement community. Police hidden in theatres should use this trash film to photograph and identify all adults who do buy tickets to see this movie. The only adults who’d have an interest in this movie will certainly be the most base in the community, those who glamorize the party-drug scene and most importantly pedophiles which I predict will arrive in droves to be captivated by all the exposed young teen flesh and nudity.

    God says two thumbs down for Project X.

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