• Danged Russians are using Tesla energy to create miniature Delorean time machines.

    March 13, 2012 5:42 am 19 comments
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  • As I slept so peacefully on my porch because it was so nice, I was suddenly awoken with a startle! It was God waking me up. “Abe,” he said, “Go to YouTube and find things to warn them about!”

    I obeyed and opened my browser to find this COMMUNIST FILTHY!

    I spat out my Oat Bran in horror when I saw it fly! From my research, apparently the men in the video are the descendants of the genocidal terrorist Nikolai Tesla! This man once tried to create a giant Earthquake in New YOrk, even when there were no gays to blame! He was one of the first Soviet spies in this country and stole most of his ideas from a real Christian, Thomas Edison, but then used our science for Russian evil!

    Weather machines! Portals to hell! Free electricity for non-workers to mooch!

    I am happy they locked him away but we can see that his science still sadly lives on. This is all the more proof whey we must reannounce the Cold War. Russia is going to try to use these little machines and strap bombs on to them, so they can nuke us in 1953 or worse 1776!

    We must consider all options, even war with Moskow. We must not forget they tried to scorch us from Cuba and they are complaining about our need to give Iran the nuclear powered business!

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