• DIY Craft – How to Reuse Your Baby Lotion Bottle for Something Useful in your Bathroom Sink

    March 27, 2012 1:26 pm 1 comment
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  • In this tough economy, a good way to be a good mom is to pinch pennies!   This DIY craft is fun, essentially free and only requires a good pair of sheers (and careful patience!).

    This project I call the sink-flow applicator.  It is useful for times when you may have been painting or designing some new mom fashion, the paints from your design needing to be worked off your hands.  Some of you just may dislike the way water flows from the sink in your nursery room’s adjoining bathroom.

    Whatever the case, here is a DIY craft that will probably raise your husband’s eyebrow but not give him much to complain about.

    First, take a finished bottle of your child’s baby lotion.  Make sure to rinse it out thoroughly and then let it dry, upside-down.  Later, take a sharpened pair of sheers and cut the bottle, right below the cap’s neck on the main body.  You will likely need to make a small puncture and then insert a leg of your sheers, and then cut around the bottle like you would do a paper craft.

    Next, ensure there are not any sharp or ridged edges.  If you find some, work them off so that you don’t scratch yourself any time in the future.    After this, turn the bottle upside down, work a punture into the bottom and cut out a segment that would fit snugly around your sink fixture, as implied in the image.

    Finally, cut an opening in the back of the bottle so you can see the water flow gently and pooling down to your hands.  I’ve ‘converted’ one of the sinks in my home to such and have enjoyed washing my hands in it and my handiwork.  The best thing is that if you decide you want to take it off or the bathroom sink needs to be repurposed, it takes all of 5 seconds to remove and throw the bottle away like you would have done in the first place.  If you ever need to set this DIY craft up again, simply use up some baby lotion.

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