• Does D’Antoni Resignation Spell the End of Jeremy Lin in the NBA?

    March 15, 2012 9:26 am Comments Off on Does D’Antoni Resignation Spell the End of Jeremy Lin in the NBA?
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    Bishop T.J.

    Jeremy Lin is naturally the stand-out player of the season. Going from being an ‘Asian guy’ that security at the Garden hassled for trying to get into the player’s locker room, still tired and sore from sleeping on his brother’s cramped apartment couch the night before, to being the talk of the nation and being the lead’s leading scorer and point guard in all a week.

    That’s a big jump for anyone. But as Lin grew in popularity, so did his camera time on ESPN and in the locker rooms of opposing teams. Everyone was trying to figure out one thing: how do we destroy Jeremy Lin?

    It’s almost evil how it works out. Lin plays his heart out, becoming one of the greatest players by hard work and determination. Then what do commentators try to do: suggest a way to totally dismantle this guy’s game.

    With the possibility of a D’Antoni resignation in New York, some people are wondering how Lin would fair on his own in a league without a supportive coach with not much to lose and willing to take a big chance. Harvard’s coach looks into it.

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