• Dozens Killed in Tragic US Tornado Swarms

    March 3, 2012 3:04 pm 69 comments
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    Governor Mike Huckabee – “The best thing to do if you hear a tornado siren is treat it like a F5 is barreling down on you.”

    Saying ‘tragedy’ to describe the recent spate of tornadoes that have ravaged the Midwest is an understatement. Over 3 dozen people have lost their lives and that number is expected to grow. Many more injured and great destruction have taken place.

    Emergency crews in Harveyville, Indiana, responded to horror after tornadoes ravaged the city through the dark hours of the morning.  When daybreak broke, like has been the story in many other towns, nothing but destruction.  The town that gave birth to Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken is now nothing but rubble, completely annhilated by the great storm.

    Crews report that homes were torn asunder, cars, flinged around like toys and tossed all about the city.  Families were seperated, lives forever changed.  But even the midst of these horrors, there was the story of a baby found 10 miles away from her home, presumably flung 10 miles away into a field but found alive.

    A time of report, 40 people have been pronounced dead due to the this week’s tornadoes.  Analysts predict that this number will rise as state officials have a chance to search debris in ravaged rural area.  Included in the states were people have lost their lives are Alabama, Kentucky, Kansas and Indiana.  My home of Georgia has also been hit and we await reports to see the total destruction here.

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