• Draw Something – Mr. Homosexual’s Newest Tool To Corrupt Your Children on Facebook

    March 18, 2012 4:28 am 39 comments
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  • No longer must homosexuals worry or fret about coming up with complex schemes to physically snatch our children. With the power of the internet and Facebook, they can use new games like "Draw Something" to brainwash your Johnny or Sally into perversion, right in the confines of your own home.

    There is yet another child lure created by the gay agenda:  this time, they are calling their bait Draw Something.  It is a platform that masquerades as a ‘children’s game’ on Facebook, but is just as patently homosexual as the obligatory stranger with the puppy or candy brandishing homosexual with the scary Ford van.

    Draw something has over 30 million registered users and there is no telling how many of them are homosexual strangers.

    The game puts the power of MS Paint at the hands of a random stranger, able to use his brushstrokes to coach the mind of your child into wanton streaks of pixelated perversion.

    Imagine going to San Francisco or West Hollywood at midnight, leaving your son in a bubble gum pink tutu and big flashy sign attached to him that says “Free”.  He would be snatched up by a gay and never seen again, instantly.

    And that horrifying thought hardly compares to how juicy a target our kids are to gays on Facebook.  Gays understand that us parents are not the most savvy with irrelevant things about our kids.  Gays are however crafty and inventive, petty and inquisitive, quickly adapting to the vernacular of younger generations as their minds are not plagued with the bills, responsibility and iron-clad discipline of normal men.  As Mike Watson explained, they speak the coded language of our children.

    And symbolism is what this new Draw Something game is all about.

    Draw Something features a “CodeWord” of what ‘power users’ are able to draw.  No one knows how the power users are chosen, but they always seem to have relationship statuses listed as “Single” or “It’s Complicated”, don’t list places of employment and take residence in West Hollywood or San Francisco.

    In each round of DrawSomething, users secretly compete to guess the ‘codeword’ the power user is drawing.  After time runs out or all users guess the codeword, a ‘Moral’ appears that uses the code word in a sentence.  Users must hit “Accept this moral!” with their mouse pad before they can go on to play and guess in the next round.  It is through these codeword morals that gays are brainwashing our children with the images.  I installed this application on my Android and took screenshots as I played along.

    The results may disturb you:

    In the prior Draw Something, OilManDan was the ‘power user’ and he drew this image for everyone to guess on.  As he kept drawing the image in real time, we were forced to keep guessing what object was the codeword in this complex image.  He threw the image of the ‘kitty-cat’ in the tree at the last moment.  You can easily see he’s reinforcing the gay fantasy that they can use housepets to trick children into trusting them.

    This particular image forced over 58,345 kids who were playing in our round.  I clicked Accept this Moral and moved on to the next round.

    Only several people were able to guess this one correctly.  Sadly, most who guessed it looked young and said it was an ‘easy repeat’.  They quickly guess it and accepted the moral.  These kids were brainwashed to think that secret-helpers with secret-touches are a fun, good thing to share on Facebook.

    The final image in this round follows.  We see the introduction of ‘sleepy juice’ as a good thing.


    Drugs like Quaaludes, LSD and minced reefer are rampant in the homosexual community.  Three out of five gays experiment with some form of hardcore drugs in their lifetimes, usually to ease the pain of their wild club parties where they sodomize each other.  With summer fast approaching, gays turn their massive cache of drug supplies loose on our young and virile naive college-aged youngsters or lower looking for a nice drink on the beach or in their neighborhood.

    Gays will set-up little hot dog stands or ‘shaved ice’ shops, often looking no more complex than an innocent lemonade stand.  They will sell ‘sleepy-juice’ at these stands, oft  a mix of Quaaludes and other drugs as solute, then three parts rough vodka, juice and other bodily fluids the solvent.  One sip of these devil nectars and kids are wiped out, loose and vulnerable to the insatiable palate of lust that every homosexual harbors.

    Gays are trying to make trusting them seem like ROY G BIV rainbows and butterfly happiness to children, when in reality their land of fecality is full of fiery intestinal dragons and shameful diseases of lust.

    This game is already trying to loosen the morals and guard of our kids for the summer.  “It is fun and normal to drink sleepy-juice on a hot day.”  Just from the time I played this game, over 39,443 accepted this “Moral” and were able to move on to OilManDan’s championship round 2.  As for me, I had enough.

    Parents, it is imperative that you spy on your child’s Facebook and see who their friends and and what apps they have been using.  You may also have to sneak into their room and take their phone while they are sleeping, to see what Facebook apps they are using.  This is a matter of life, death and maintaining their orifice innocence.  Your responsibility as a parent is to protect your children from this new menace.

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