• Eddie Murphy New Movie A Thousand Words is Copycat of Jim Carey’s Liar Liar

    March 9, 2012 2:23 pm Comments Off on Eddie Murphy New Movie A Thousand Words is Copycat of Jim Carey’s Liar Liar
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  • As you did not know, Eddie Murphy has a new movie out. It is called “A Thousand Words” and critics are already slagging it as a ‘copycat of Liar, Liar’. As of late, Eddie Murphy has not been very funny. Come to think of it, has Eddie Murphy actually been funny?

    I remember in my younger days, not liking his humor because I thought ‘this guy cusses too much’. I did not like The Golden Child or Beverly Hills Cop. Coming To America was brilliant, however, but I think the writing and apperance of an angry James Earl Jones who stepped upon roses as he walked was pretty funny.

    Who is funny? Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s brother. I’m guessing that they have similar styles of humor and story-telling, because from what we saw of Charlie Murphy on The Chappelle Show the guy can tell a good story.

    All in all, A Thousand Words is probably Liar, Liar with more cussing. Eddie Murphy has definitely made a name for himself, but we have to wonder if this will be the film that sets his Hollywood star for good.

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