• George Clooney and Brad Pitt Team Up for Prop 8 Play, Announce Themselves as New “Homosexual Power Bottom” Couple

    March 4, 2012 3:46 am 12 comments
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  • George Clooney and Brad Pitt admit homosexuality, will be acting in a Prop 8 play.

    Tonight we should all mourn for Angelina Jolie.  The beautiful actress has done good in her adult life:  she’s given up vampirism, given charity to countless countries and adopted children from all nationalities.  She is serving in motherhood and is trying to be a good mother and just as important, a good wife.

    Sure, Angelina Jolie snatched Brad Pitt from another wholesome woman, Jennifer Aniston, but that just happens in life sometimes.  A man can only go around so much.  But what Brad Pitt has done after accepting fatherhood is without honor.  Brad Pitt is throwing his hat in the ring for homosexual monarch.  And he’s doing it with noneother than George Clooney.

    We’ve long suspected Clooney’s latent homosexuality for years.  In the video evidence at right, you can see George Clooney is wearing homosexually tight pants and his hair is ‘floofed’.  Though this fashion is quite universal for homosexuals of this day and age, in this time Clooney was avante-garde in this revealing flamboyancy.

    Notice at the 31 second mark, Clooney takes pride in his backside and entices us women by bending his tight, pert backend for us all to see and ogle.  It’s all just a sham, though, because only a man who likes to be a ‘bottom’ in a homosexual mounting encounter would take so much pride in his backside to make us all uncomfortable and moist, squirming in discomfort when we see him doing this.

    What Does a Pit/Clooney Alliance Do For the Homogay Agenda?

    Having Clooney and Brad Pitt teaming up to embrace homosexuality in a play is horrible for DOMA and for all of us who want to protect our nation, our children and our livelihood from homosexual advances. 

    My prediction is that the Prop 8 Play will eventually be turned into a blockbuster, homosexual pride movie.  It will make Brokeback Mountain look like a B movie in comparison. There will be epic battles of Frank Miller 300 calibre ab warriors protesting through San Francisco, fighting legions of Christians and ultimately winning a pyrrhic martry’s victory for the homosexual cause.  There will be tears and romance, spears and exhausted quiverings of sexually spent bodies boosting ticket sales.

    There will be a love scene between Clooney and Pitt’s chiseled characters, which will send box office records sailing.  It will turn the face of the nation into the hardcore nature of homosexuality, but there will be confusion.  How can us women say no to the combination of Clooney and Pitt.  Satan has really performed a masterful chess move.

    Outside the box office, the real life story will be a replay of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Pitt will jilt Angelina, claiming to have fallen in love with Clooney on one quiet 4 am rehersal.  They finally gave into the script and went all the way, and they liked it.  Sure, we will all be agnry that Pitt left Angelina, but Hollywood gossip rags will just downplay it.  And by the time Pitt and Clooney combine their massive fortunes to help fight AIDS in Africa and hunger in Haiti, we will have forgotten about all their trangressions.

    This Prop 8 play must be stopped.  We must find a city ordinance that stops it from reaching Broadway production, the Sundance Film Festival and finally to the big screens of Hollywood themselves.  If we do not, we are witnessing the first true gay power couple in the making and it will be the biggest landslide defeat of DOMA and the conservative movement of allt ime.

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