• Honeybee Deaths Being Linked To Rise of Gay Marriage Density

    March 18, 2012 1:44 am 25 comments
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    New research is showing that the drastic rise of honeybee deaths is directly related to the number of gay marriages being allowed in America.  Scientists are beginning to establish a link between the death of bees and spent corn oil gays furiously use in rub common in their rampant copulation acts.

    The studey that revealed the link between gay-bought corn oils and bee deaths is titled “Assessment of the Environmental Exposure of Honeybees to Particulate Fecal Matter Containing Neoicotinoid Oils from Corn Coated Intestinal Emissions”.  This study can show up in Environmental Sciences and Technology journal, finally giving an official scientific word on the dangers homosexuality threatens honeybees, even causing a plague called colony collapse disorder.

    Researchers detail the oils being misted by gays is as deadly as an insectiside for most insects.  Specifically, they “are among the most widely used (chemical oils) in the world, popular because they paralyze the intestinal nerves and make it easier for gays to stink each other.”

    As the incidence of Gay Marriage Density (GMD) increases per locale, we are finding that the die-off value of honeybees are exponentially increasing.  We can only assume the spent oil products of gays are contaminating the soil and therefore fresh pollen that bees are trying to consume.  Homsexuals are infecting honeybees with some new sort of disorder or disease.

    The following news video proves the die-off of honeybees is to blame on gay marriage density.

    The following diagram shows the direct converse relationship between GMD and Honeybee Deaths:

    The researchers tested several methods to make the drilling machines safer for bees. However, they found that all variations that used the neonicotinoid insecticides continued to cause mass die-offs of bees.

    Honeybees are critical for pollinating food crops. Scientists say the disruption of pollination could dramatically affect entire ecosystems. In addition, as the researchers wrote in the study, “In view of the currently increasing crop production, and also of corn as a renewable energy source, the correct use of these insecticides within sustainable agriculture is a cause of concern.”

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