• How A Woman’s Body Works

    March 5, 2012 10:50 pm 45 comments
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  • One of the most troubling things about today’s gender bending society is the loss of identity.  As Archie Bunker would say, we’ve lost the time when “Girls were girls, and men were men.”

    Today’s society tries to act like we’re all about empiricism and that believing in God is bogus, yet denies the biggest and most natural thing that most people should know:  their sexuality.

    The physical point of humanity is pretty simple:  be fruitful and multiply.  The Bible says to do it and most of us are properly equipped to do it.  Men have a twaddle hanky and women have a secret spot.  It’s all very simple and as adults, we should appreciate this fact.  Women have further been given unto them milksacks and a fertile place for when the time comes, so they can incubate and then nourish a child.

    Somehow, all of these truths are being swept under the rug by liberals.  They are trying to claim that man does not have the seed of life, that somehow, it is nature’s way for a man to brutally attack the intestinal tract of another man.  Today’s laws are trying to coerce us into not thinking twice about the ethics of two women giving each other pelvic resuscitation techniques to get their jollies.

    I for one am getting tired of all the left-wing lies.  I want a society where women are not scared to be women.  I want women to be back in their place.  Don’t think I’m going to say in the kitchen, that’s just a silly and trite lines atheists use to mock.  But women do have a place, in the family.  A family does need a strong father, but just as important it needs a loving mother to nurture and nourish.  Any feminist who denies this fact only needs to strip down and look in the mirror.  She’ll see to double barrels full of God’s intention for at least part of her life.

    To start today’s lesson, let’s first watch this video prepared by myself and a few of our interns at New York University.  This teaches how a woman goes from being a girl to a true female and potential mother:


    A Guide to Female Puberty, By A Christian Man –

    Once a woman’s body is fertile, she has a duty to humanity to have children. What would happen if all women refused to have babies? Let’s say they all wanted to be Obama-law mistresses and choose to have abortions. That would mean the end of the human race. Wiping out the human race implies genocide. If a woman does not believe in genocide or Hitler, she then must agree that she and all other women have an obligation to let babies grow within them, for the sake of humanity. They have a job to let their husbands put those children there for nine-months of safe keeping.

    Women need to understand that having babies is a very confusing process and it is not easy. Eve assured them this punishment. Atheists will try to say birth is easy, so women will be caught off guard and tempted to abort all the rest of their babies. They will tell their friends to be lesbians or deny a husband his rights. I’m here to say that birth is hard, women, but the benefits are beyond your wildest imaginations. The joy of being a mother must be the greatest thing a woman can achieve.

    In this video, let’s dispel a few myths about giving birth:

    As I reported before, I am absolutely disgusted by the above video. It is meant to be a teaching tool to some nurses but they are using improper anatomical models and not telling their students.

    I wonder how their parents would feel knowing that the $30,000 of tuition is going on a steroid-inflated Barbie’s pelvic section. That is what we have here.

    When those who are qualified watch the video, notice how the separator flap is missing and the secret place ‘magically’ opens so the baby can pop out. This is just all wrong and not science!

    We live in a society where women are not being taught the truth about their body. So how can they become good mothers? And when we have a society of perverse women and weak mothers, it yields a society of men who are not 100% offended with the thought of another man throwing down their sons and having his way.

    Let’s make it a point to reeducate our women about their bodies. Let them know that it is a special temple, a place of comfort and joy for a husband and a source of life for our future children.

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