• How science and ‘’rational thinking’’ gave birth to racism.

    March 10, 2012 1:47 pm 89 comments
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    It is often said that religion is what causes racism, some associate good god fearing religious conservatives with bigotry and racism, how many times have we read bad accusations of racism being purported against religious conservatives by badly educated liberal kids. The purpose of this scholarly article is to unbolt some misconceptions about racism and here we will try to explain how ‘’rational thinking’’ and the growing importance of science caused racism, rather than religion.


    The enlightenment age was one of progress and science, rationality was widespread and was held as the utmost good, philosophers from all Europe were thinking new ideas, the arts were growing in this period, just think about the beautiful works of famous painters and sculptors, all of Europe was entering a new area of enlightenment, yet  in an incredible paradox, this era of ‘’freethinking’’ and enlightenment would give birth to the most virulent forms of racism.


    First of all, the enlightenment age produced the idea that all human beings are capable of reason, this meant that Negros were  included in to the notion of ‘’humanity’’ the inclusion of these Negros into the notion of humanity had a perverse effect, first it meant that Negros were no longer treated as an ‘’unknown’’ race but rather as a primitive race. From a methodological viewpoint it enabled the practise of comparatism, in this practice, the Europeans were comparing the Negros to themselves, with the Negros in an inferior rank of course, depicted as the ‘’stupid children’’ of the human race.


    The new notion of ‘’progress’’ in the enlightenment age is also responsible for the soar of racism, the philosophers of the enlightenment age viewed progress as being linear and the accumulation of knowledge by societies.  Now this new notion meant that ‘’rational thinking’’ coupled with the notion of progress enabled the European world to proceed to a hierarchy of societies, with the black societies at the bottom of the list. This ultimately lend a helping hand to the growing racist rhetoric in the new world.

    How freethinking poisons everything.

    We can see now that these supposed liberal concepts all had a perverse effect of promoting racism. Darwin’s theory of evolution was a major source of help for the promotion of racism: This hell bound and false theory that we conservatives are working so hard to destroy. In short his theory justified some thinkers in the idea that the black race deserved to be eliminated or dominated by superior or more evolved societies. All of this coupled with the colonization efforts off Europe were to make a potent environment and ultimately create racism.


    In conclusion, Religious conservatism has always been at the forefront of the fight against racism, and these ‘’liberals’’ were the unholy vessels of racist thought and bigotry themselves!

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