• Illinois Representative Bobby Rush Wears Black Crime Terror Hoodie, Terrified Lawmakers Kick Him From House Floor

    March 29, 2012 2:15 am 42 comments
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    Adam Nelson

    United States House Representative Bobby Rush chose to bring black hoodie terrorism into our federal government itself. Is it time for America to issue a dress code for the government and some of its citizens, so this new form of hooligan terror can come to an end?

    In the image above, you see a ordinarily smart black man magically transformed into a street-thug terror with the veiled cloak of a hoodie.

    Without his hoodie and in a shirt-and-tie, if I saw him I’d assume he was probably a pastor or maybe a school teacher. But with just the flip of a hood, he terrified my heart and I’d at least call the cops and hold him down until authorities could remove him from my neighborhood!

    This all tracks back to Trayvon Martin and a simple question: if someone is wearing the uniform of a known entitity, should we not reserve the right to treat them accordingly?

    It is illegal to dress up like a police officer and pull people over, because people assume you are the real deal. If you go into a hospital and you see someone dressed in a long white robe, straight hair somewhat balding and neatly parted, wearing a stethoscope around his neck, you know it’s a doctor.

    But what if it was just the neighborhood drunk and he didn’t know an EKG from a double martini. You’d be up a creek without a paddle, screaming and hollering in white watered panic as you fought to stay alive against the brutes of nature. And that’s how we feel about these black men wanting to wear these hoodies.

    I miss hearing about good politicians like Senator Robert Byrd and Senator Strom Thurmond. These men knew how to dress and were disciplined and unwild. There was never reason to fear them no matter what they wore, but that’s because our people have earned that right. Blacks still have to put in their just due, that needs to be recognized.

    Representative Bobby Rush could be just as bad as rapper Bobby Brown or Bobby Triggerfinger. We have no idea when you look scary like that, black people. It’s cute that you’re all unifying and all, but just don’t go wearing hoodies all around and spooking us good people. It just starts trouble we don’t need, okay.

    The police came and arrested Representative Bobby Rush on grounds of looking too suspicious. Sources say he is free to leave jail and go back to work once he agrees to not dress up in a scary black hoodie again.

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