• Iran Wants War, Look How Close They Put Their Country to Our Military Bases

    March 13, 2012 1:54 pm 49 comments
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  • In the image above, we prove that Iran wants war with America.   Look at how closely their country has been situated to all our strategic military bases.  Iran is baiting and begging us to strike our might right in the heart of Tehran.

    These people know know they have a mad disease they cannot stop themselves:  terrorism.  We must go to Iran and free up our oil trapped under their soil, then let them be the layman who helps us export back to ourselves for consumption.  We must give them freedom.  Iran is begging for us to help them, so we just need to use all our military bases and be humanitarians. 

    It is time to bring freedom to our brethren in Iran.

    In this shocking image, Iranians burn an effigy of our dear President Barack Hussein Obama.  Sure, we caught him having nuttnasties with pro-Iranian Osama but that is not the point.   The Iranians are now burning effigies and declaring war on America.  They are begging us for a fight.  We must honor their sovereignty to declare war on us and get a response.

    Then, we have Iranian female terror ninjas.

    To add terror to injury, Iran today announced a new breed of spy and assassin. The “Sisterhood of Veiled Pregnancy” is a new terror arm of Iran, more deadly than the notorious “Black Hand” assassin squad that is responsible for starting World War I.  Analysts believe these female marriage assassins are Iran’s hope to start World War III.

    Gravitys for wimps. 005 Iran Cuts Off Oil to UK and France, Threatens World With Female Terror Ninjas (Photos)

    Unconcerned with God’s gravitational forces, an Iranian woman uses geni-like abilities to defiantly run up a wall in a Chinese sponsored dojo in Karja.  The writings on the wall state “Bujinkan Honbu Dojo Ninja”, which roughly translates to the ‘Female Ninja House of Veiled Terror to Bring Death to Weak America”.  China has allegedly sponsored over 50 Japanese-themed dojos across Iran and reports that Imams are consorting with Hindu mystic secrets and Satanic black magic to enhance these trained assassins are prevalent.

    To make this situation even worse, the Al-Jazeerha news is boasting that Iran moved all its warships to the Suez canal and past the Syrian port.  This move is to ‘send a message’ to the United States that Iran owns the world’s oil supply and cannot be defeated.  It is Iran’s way of saying that Arabs are superior to all Western nations and we must bow down before them, or get no more oil.

    Iran is trying to make it seem like the US has no right to destroy Iran and Syria, and no right to save Israel from the hands of psychotic dictators.  Just listen to the tone of these monstrous people as they plot to starve America from its lifeblood.

    Dont try this at home  001 Iran Cuts Off Oil to UK and France, Threatens World With Female Terror Ninjas (Photos)

    Iranian ninja women are known to use all sorts of perverted sexual techniques to trap unknowing politicians and business men into precarious situations.  Here we see three ninjas practicing the “Flying Eagle of Arabi” technique, one where they are rumored to strip out of their terror ninja outfits and entice men for nuclear secrets or exact deadly moves that force American men to give up their patriotic sauce of life.

    Who is in danger?

    Any American man (or allied) with sperm is going to be a target of the Iranian female terror ninjas.

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