• Is Coach Mike Woodson Racist For Sitting Jeremy Lin Back on the Worker’s Bench?

    March 16, 2012 2:11 pm 1 comment
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  • The New York Knicks were the laughing stock of this rough-and-tumble NBA season.  D’antoni’s club just could not get it together.  Their blunders, lack of winning and ESPN Sports Center time was truly dismal.  Then, stepped forward Christian-American point guard, Jeremy Lin.  After a brilliant week of play, where he averaged nearly 30 points a game and turned a team of losers into winners – he became the biggest name in not only the NBA, but the city of New York.  Jeremy Lin singlehandely made NBA basketball fun again.

    But as has been the story for New York as of late, they are finding a new way to fail.  Mike Woodson has taken over for the battle-weary D’antoni and insider reports state he cannot wait to do one thing when he gets the full reigns of the Knicks:  stop the Linsanity.

    Woods’ game plan is to throw Jeremy Lin back on the bench and toss in the unimpressive Baron Davis.  Sure, Davis is the seasoned veteran.  But is that what fired the Knicks up this year?  Veteran play?

    And more importantly, is that what’s putting fans in their seat –and let’s face it– opens up the NBA to an entirely new Asian demographic.  For as American and of I believe, I believe, Taiwanese heritage (I don’t actually know, since I could care less since Lin is actually American but just happens to have some Asian ancestry) as Jeremy Lin is, he IS well loved in China.  He is well loved in Taiwan.   During the breaks on televised Knicks games, they were showing bars fall of Asian people — male and female — teeming and excited to see Lin play.  Asians were in the crowd of Knicks games, holding Lin masks on their face!

    How dumb does PC American liberal media have to be to see Lin should be encouraged.  This would be like telling Tiger Woods to go practice his golf swing alone in the Cotton-Fields during his prime, and saying that no one should mention “he’s black or Asian”, though he’s been one of the biggest inspiration TO getting black children, urban children, to watch the game.  It’s well known that Tiger Woods brought an entirely new demographic to golf.

    One of my best friends is black and when we golf, he’s surely been called Tiger Woods.  He takes it as a compliment.

    It’s understood that Woods’ sold the game of golf to a new, younger generation and especially African-American kids.  Lin, if people would just leave him the hell alone, let him make his turnovers but let him become the emotional and fun rock of the Knicks, could become something really special.

    But if we’re going to put people in the public stockades for saying “chink in the armor” and not meaning offense, especially when one of the people who said it is married to an Asian woman and has a loving relationship with his in-laws, then how can we get Mike Woodson get away for doing something as dumb as throwing Jeremy Lin ‘on the worker’s bench’?

    The only world in where that is the logical coaching thing to do is if somehow ancient John Stockton or a prime Magic Johnson was magically transported to New York.  And in a fantasy world where that could happen, the Knicks probably wouldn’t be stuck with Mike Woodson as head coach.

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