• Is Tiger Woods Losing Tournaments to Avoid Paying More Child Support?

    March 23, 2012 5:14 pm 7 comments
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  • Tiger Woods  PGA Golf ProfessionalIt seems after we caught Tiger Woods having an affair on America and his wife, he has been pretty horrible at golf.

    Since the time he finally had his genetic propensity for adultery and betraying his family revealed, he’s not won a tournament and has been very lackluster, faking injuries and just flat out not winning.

    In my book, there is no way a person can go from being the best athlete in a sport to the worst in just a few weeks, like we saw with Tiger Woods.  There must be something else going on and it’s pretty simple, when you consider all the variables.

    Eileen Nordgren got half of all Tiger’s wealth and with her having custody of the kids and being the victim spouse, she is entitled to child support.  Now we all know half of Tiger Wood’s genetic makeup hates the idea of child support.  Is that genetic hatred for taking care of his kids affecting his golf game?

    The clear answer is yes.  He just doesn’t have the same drive now that he has to pay child support.   And it will stay like that.

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