• Japan’s Latest “Sin-Tech” Technology Floods US Markets inside Child-Predator Rape Dolls!

    March 3, 2012 2:23 pm 74 comments
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  • Japan’s Latest “Sin-Tech” Technology Floods US Markets inside Child-Predator Rape Dolls!

    Brother Johnathan Bane

    Underage Looking Pedophile Child Rape Doll

    With Sin-Tech Advanced Technology


    The Japanese have always been a Godless, arrogant people who see their island nation as being at the center of the universe. They are an intelligent people who have greatly contributed to such academic fields as electronics, science, health care and communications.


    This tiny island nation has seen rapid adaptation in advanced electronics and cutting-edge technology, which the Americans credit to their diminutive stature and the rather small hands of the typical Japanese adult male. This allows them to build PC boards and complete assembly work much faster then their stout American colleagues with larger hands.


    Though Japan is highly respected in academic circles as being one of the worlds leaders in science and technology, Japanese society remains in the dark ages still worshiping false idols Shinto and Buddha as they have for centuries. Their lack of Christian faith has left the heathen islanders with little ethics or moral code.


    No where is this more apparent then in the amount of funds and resources dedicated to research & development in Japan’s adult self-pleasure industry, the world’s largest producer of hi-tech masturbation paraphernalia and realistic life-size titillating sex dolls.


    Japanese men have been ignoring their wives and daughters for decades preferring to fornicate alone with their favorite plastic fantasy Come Fu@k-Me doll. While any God-fearing decent Christian nation on earth would outlaw, ban and prohibit the importation of these erotic girlie-slut dolls, the soulless Japanese continue to advance their global sexploitation releasing the new 2012 models equipped with hi-tech robotics and Japan’s latest breakthrough technology known as “Sin-Tech.”


    Sin-Tech allows the consumer to physically “interact” with their personal self-pleasure device or devices. Though the Japanese have taken technology down a dark lonely path one that promotes sin, self-abuse, broken marriages and child rape; the Japanese don’t see it that way. Though highly advanced and on the cutting edge of new technologies Japanese faith in Shinto was first documented in the 8th century. Today Shinto claims 119 million practitioners. Buddha dates to about the same time and today has 90 million Japanese worshipers. Both religions have origins based in ancient myth and Japanese faith from its earliest time centers on false idol-worship. 


    The Holy Bible teaches us that false idols are deceptive and the people wonder aimlessly as sheep without a shepherd, for it is written…

    “The idols speak deceitfully, diviners see visions that lie; they tell dreams that are false, they give comfort in vain. Therefore the people wander like sheep oppressed for lack of a shepherd.”

    Zechariah 10:2

    As a result of eons of false idol worship the Japanese have remained in the dark about true Christian faith and fellowship. Because they have no concept of sin their culture grossly falls below the Christian standards for common decency, moral character and trust. Without an unfaltering Christian foundation the Japanese people generally lack the ability to comprehend how shameful their sex-dolls are and that they degrade humanity and reduce mankind to its most base primitive existence.

    But research shows the U.S. imports more of these lifelike sex-sluts into America than any other country. And sales statics revealed certain fetishists are particularly popular in different regions or countries. One example is the underage girl- rape victim doll. Though banned in the U.S. this model is not only a twisted, sick pedophile’s best friend, it is also widely sold in Middle Eastern nations.

    No Frills Inflatable is Popular in the US South


    Likewise the inexpensive no-frills blow-up white trash doll is most popular in the American South, and documents show 88% of the higher priced, top of the line models that come fully equipped are sold in the Washington D.C. area.


    Taking a stand against Japan’s unholy industry and U.S. policy that allows Japanese imports of unspeakable perversion to enter the U.S. is the American Christian Collation (A.C.C.), the Catholic Church and various non-denominational Christian institutions. They have petitioned Washington to put an end to this pornographic trade of “sex-dolls that are marketed to rapists and child predators.”

    Sin-Tech’s Annie Oral 5000 Comes Fully Equipped to Fulfill any Man’s Sick Fantasies


    ChrisTwire interviewed church-insider and Christian expert, cured homogay Reverend Ted Haggard who founded one of the largest churches in the U.S. and who more recently experienced God’s unyielding love and forgiveness by completely curing the good Reverend from his lifelong, out-of-control and abominable addiction to man-choad.

    Haggard said, “This attack on the people of the U.S. is a clear effort to demoralize our stalwart Christian-American values, those that were weaved into the very fabric of American culture and beliefs since the Puritans arrived on this continent and claimed it for God and king.”

    Do the Japanese have a hidden agenda by slinging Satan’s shameful self-pleasure sin-dolls to the US? Or are they a highly intelligent and achieved race whose isolation on the remote island of Japan has retarded their social advancement and left them an ignorant and backwards people? You decide.



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