• Joe My God and Aaron Heier Conspire to Destroy NOM with New York Times “Tensions between Blacks and Gays” Race-Bait Scandal

    March 27, 2012 5:31 pm 21 comments
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  • Joe My God and the newly-18-year-old Justin Bieber get cozy and share spritzed drinks as they celebrate unleashing an epic 'Punk'd' New York Times scandal against our very own National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

    The dynamic duo of homosexuality have struck a crushing blow against our very own National Organization for Marriage.

    Joe My God, the greatest literary bottom bard of the homogay movement, and Aaron Heier, the relic ‘cutesy muscle-daddy’ talk-show genre host that makes gay men stamp their claws and arch their back like a screeching 8-ball snort nosed cat in heat are all well known to us. For years now, these two have used their immense literary and television media culture influence to pass gay marriage in New York, making it a Sodomy Megalopolis, to coercing network television to put Ellen DeGeneres back on television. Never has lesbianism looked so soft and appealing to America’s daughters, gently tinkling their thoughts with images of humurous, soft-faced blondes who relish in a brute lifestyle of carpet licked punditry and scissor legged family reunions.

    All that aside, none of Joe or Aaron’s trangressions mount what they have done today. The backstory is simple and very typical of gay’s crafty and sly, yet aggressive and sneaky ways.

    Like most gay men, Aaron and Joe revel in making society bend over backward to their will.  They dream of a world where gay’s marriage is the irradiated core of the nuclear family.  Instead of being stressed with serious issues like the economy and equality for normal people, they instead use their brainpower, gay double-male home wealth and celebrity to bring down Godly organizations like the National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

    We do not know what precipitated the following ‘scandal’, but our sources alledge Aaron and a rather sarcastic woman named Ophelia bribed NOM’s Brian Brown and several other colleagues to a bar in San Diego.  “After one or two of Aaron’s stiff ‘virgin daquiris’, they [sic NOM] were as uncomfortably pliable as an anal-retentive quaalude toking goose,” purport one of our sources.

    It’s well established that gays will slip roofies and other substances to normal people, in order to take advantage and make them do illicit, unbecoming things.  They will then use images of these events to start a ‘scandal’ and try to shame normal, fine men to their cause.   Let’s not forget the time they tricked Dr. Rekers into a cabana boy photo affair, just to smear his name.  We saw their work again when they tried to destroy ChristWire’s reputation with making the Godly Bryan Blake seem homogay friendly.

    Aaron Heier-Rodenburg and powerful contigent of liberally gay elites conspired to give ChristWire intern Bryan Blake a series of Quaalude roofies and flavored LSD to alter his mind and make him give groping brobear hugs and say gay friendly things on live TV.

    After Aaron’s getting the NOM contingent blitzed at a bar, Joe apparently took over and used his wordsmithing to trick the NOM personnel into saying all sorts of untrue things that us Christians would never say about gays.  They are trying to make it seem like Christians and NOM are trying to create Charlie Manson’s demented visions of Helter Skelter.  And now they’ve apparently convinced the New York Times of this mess!

    The Homogay Agenda is now claiming NOM has set a charter which states:  “The strategic goal of the project is to drive a wedge between gays and blacks — two key Democratic constitutencies.”  They bolden their accusations by saying the memo, apparently named something left-wing conspiracy sounding like “Not A Civil Right Project” further states NOM aims to “provoke the gay marriage base into responding by denouncing these spokesmen and women as bigots.”

    In another segment of the document entitled “Internationalizing the Marriage issue:  A Pan-American Strategy is to trick Mexicans into thinking that if gay marriage passes, they will all be deported back to Mexico if they don’t accept homosexual advances in their largely proud and Catholic families.

    To state us Christians would support such things is outrageous!  The only way NOM would be associated with anything like this would be a duplicitous scandal invoked by the gays, and that’s what we have here.  We have to hope the New York Times Caucaus blog writers can see that this is all smoke and mirrors, to distract us from the fact gays are destroying America.

    If gay marriage were rational and good, why did God just sling two meteors at Earth the moment the story ‘broke’ last night.  God was letting us know that he will pelt us all with fires and haily brimstones from the heaven if we do not put a stop to gay marriage!

    Men, What Happened?We live in an America where the liberal media tries to hide photos like the one to right, shamed that their president is homosexual but yet wanting to call us Republicans untrue words like biased or bigots just because we know we live in a Christian nation.  And nowhere in the Bible is homosexuality allowed, but rather, it is always condemned upon mention.

    An effiminate Justin Bieber will brag about this act to his young, gay contingent on MTV’s Punk’d, making NOM look even worse. It’s no secret that gays want to be the new blacks, but implying that Christians are responsible for black and Hispanic churches responsibily fearing how gays will destroy America is absurd. We all know that if you give a gay an inch, he will take a mile. And he will keep taking so many miles that even the most fervent of our good Christian leaders will yelp out in pain.

    Let us help NOM sweep this scandal under the rug where it belongs, with the rest of the shameful lies and gooch fingered misgivings from the homogay contingent.  To Joe “My God” and Aaron Heier of HSSS tv, shame on you and your little Colonels of colon-play.  You’re not going to turn America into a Vesuvian Sodom and Gomorrah.


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