• Justifiable Homicide… The Trayvon Martin Case!

    March 30, 2012 2:51 am 4 comments
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  • By Rev. Billy Ray Sunday

    Acting Police Chief Scott L. Darren Announces “Case Closed” for Trayvon

    Trayvon Martin the 17 year-old black male who was shot and killed by Neighbor Watch volunteer, George Zimmerman one month ago was the aggressor in the incident, beating Zimmerman’s head against a curb after assaulting him while sitting on the fallen volunteer’s chest. Eye-witnesses have confirmed Zimmerman was the victim of a violent attack and fired his handgun in self-defense.

    Monday afternoon acting Police Chief Scott L. Darren of the Sanford PD made the announcement during a press conference which did not go over well with the Negro race. Colored folks everywhere are all up in arms over the announcement denouncing the Negro acting police chief as an “Uncle Tom.”

    It’s pointless to make mention of the fact that a black police chief whose department was responsible to investigate the homicide of “Trayvon,” knowing well this case has become a major media event that’s drawing world-wide attention, has for the past month been under intense scrutiny by the media, the public and their peers in law enforcement. Not to mention the federal and state scrutiny. The FBI is the responsible agency who will investigate all the civil rights violations that will soon be leveled at police.

    The last thing Chief Darren wants is the FBI crawling up his tailpipe, let alone actually finding the “Trayvon” case was tainted by incompetence, corruption or racism. Any claims that the police arraigned to get Whitey off, and that cops are all racist bastards is crap.

    Slavery and the untold numbers of violent and unspeakable atrocities committed by Whitey against black Americans is part of our history. A shameless, dark, and ugly history, but we own it. And if we as the American people can’t collectively come to terms with that then we will forever be stuck in the endless loop of racism. Are the American people doomed forever to be divided by color and race-conflicts?

    White guilt has for a longtime been shouldered by Whitey; generation after generation long after the institution of slavery was abolished. And who doesn’t think today most White folks in America would find the institution of slavery, or the kind of violence seen during the Civil Rights era as acceptable in our communities? Is Trayvon really about color? Was his slaying a hate-crime?

    These big-named TV Negroes act like media-addicted whores. They come out for every tragedy that’s happened in the last 40 years where a white is involved in a conflict with a black, which ends badly for the black. Every incident is now a hate-crime by their unrealistic standards. Are we the American people expected to believe that every bi-racial event is a hate-crime? I don’t think so.

    Meanwhile Trayvon’s parents were on Capital Hill Monday bitching about the death of their boy. But they didn’t like it none when the lawmakers on Capital Hill, acknowledged the tragedy and sent them on their way. John Boehner, speaker of the House of Representatives made quick work of it, saying, “Clearly what happened is in fact a tragedy. It’s being investigated by state and federal officials, which I think is appropriate.” Capital Police then removed the parents from Capital Hill and the work of the people continued, having been burden long enough by the hysterical woman.

    Our lawmakers are hard at work and just can’t be bothered by every mom and dad whose gangster-felon son get’s whacked during the commission of a felony. Even when the intended victim is a white who merely exercises his God-given Second Amendment Rights (which grants all America’s the right to own firearms) and who happens to dispatch a felon during the commission of that crime.

    As a white American, how I’m I to interpret these big-time TV Negros who stand before the cameras and denounce all things white? Then we learn that the coloreds don’t trust one of their own, and they express their indignation over the Uncle Tom police chief who sold them all out by covering up the murder of Trayvon.

    Chronic whiner Jesse Jackson announced today, “Blacks are under attack! African Americans have tried for decades to get the rest of America to understand their plight, particularly their beliefs that justice is still elusive in many parts of America.”

    Well Jesse I’ll tell you what, we have a black president in the White House and Blacks serve honorably at all levels of our government and in society these days. Racism remains part of redneck culture in America and we still have issues to overcome. But for the last 30 years you’ve isolated these “many parts” of America where blacks are still denied justice, as being the lower 48 as well as Hawaii and Alaska.

    Much like the boy who cried wolf, the same old worn “outrages” you never seem to miss, now fall upon deaf ears. Obama is in the White House and your old companion, White guilt has waned greatly in the past few years.

    Rev. Billy Ray Sunday
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    Rev. Billy Ray Rev. Billy Ray Sunday is 3rd generation preacher. He lives in Forkland, AL and is a journalist for chrisTwire.com.

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