• Kim Kardashian Flour Bomb Proves 99% Protestors Can Actually Do Something Useful (Pictures)_

    March 24, 2012 12:56 am 5 comments
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  • A visibly distraught Kim Kardashian waddles away as her shocked fans looked on, all just privvy to a flour-bombing carried out by a shocking hero:  a 99% gay protestor from West Hollywood.  Finally, the lazies and the gays are putting all their free time and mother’s cooking supplies to good use.

    In very shocking news today, the lazy 99% protestors actually did something useful when they decided to flour bomb the divorce-monger Kim Kardashian.  Kardishian is guilty of many things, including making a flesh- nasty tape with a rapper named Vajay jay and exposing more flesh on her reality tv show Jersey shore, but she really took the cake when she got knocked up by her basketball star husband Blake Griffin and then left him so she could collect alimoney.

    Here is the juicy carnage.

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