• Kirk Cameron Informs Piers Morgan Homosexuality is Unnatural, GLAAD Gets Collective Leather Silk Panties in a Bunch

    March 3, 2012 10:01 pm 44 comments
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  • If being gay is natural, why is it impossible for a man to sindock another man in the backside and create a baby?  If being lesbian is normal, why cannot two lesbian leg slapping their sassy sally jessies create a bundle of joy! 

    It is because God has seperated the power to create life!  In man, he has put the seed and in women, thine receptacle of joy!  It is gross and perverted for gays and lesbians to have a relationship, because it is against God and our country!  How can we be fruitful and multiply, if all men are digging sewage holes rooter router phalluc plumber musty time with each other!   How can we have One Nation Under God, if every other lesbian has her nasty mouth opened up under the carpet master of her ‘Lesbro!’

    Oh my friends, the acts of homosexuality are surely against nature.  And it takes our good friend and Holywood movie producer Kirk Cameron to let that fact be known. In this interview, Kirk Cameron further explains why Homosexuality is Unnatural. Let’s listen to this great man speak down to the Brit Piers Morgan:

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