• Kony 2012 Video for Dummies

    March 9, 2012 5:02 pm Comments Off on Kony 2012 Video for Dummies
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  • If you are on Facebook, your friends have encouraged you to watch the Kony 2012 video. Many people are watching, blindly getting swept up and then donating to the cause.

    Yes, we should all know who guys like Kony are and why they are evil. But, we should not blindly follow causes and think a 30-minute primer can replace good, ol’ fashioned research.  In America, we have a travesty named Toddlers and Tiaras.  It is a horrible show where we see some ‘first world problems’.

    But even worse than that is the situation in Uganda.  100s of the thousands have been displaced from their homes.  Others, murdered in cold blood.  Women and children are being raped and sold into sex trafficking markets.  Young boys are being given guns, forced to fight and suffer psychological manipulation. 

    These things have been going on for quite some time in Uganda and may other nations.  And while America bombs the living lights out of a random dictator we’ve placed in an oil rich country, we’ve had a habit of turning a blind eye to these troubled former colonies of arrogant European nations.

    The monsters of exploitation must be stopped, but the type of intervention we truly need is multinational.  NGOs are great and can faciliate good things.  But until we get Washington, DC, fully invested in leading the internatinoal community to hunt any genocidal dog like a pack hyena in a hen house, we will be tilting at windmills.

    I’m not sure if Invisible Children is legit or not.  You will hear plenty each way.  The man who filmed Kony 2012 seems concerned enough, but about as knowledgable about the regional history and problems with Uganda and other African nation as much as any of us other mildly informed people.  Is that really where we need to be mass piling funds?

    We need more organization.  And the government is supposed to be our source of organized effort to mandate policy and change.  We must mandate and enforce a strict no-tolerance rule of these issues.  Kony and any person who behaves in such a way should become not a criminal, but an enemy of humanity and hunted down, dragged into court and tried according to their acts.  If we can destroy the Iraqi army in a month, force Saddam to hide in a hole and destabalize an entire country to make Halliburton a few bucks, we can surely hunt down a few non-dictators with machine guns.  But it must be an international effort, not just an American one.

    Anyway, Kony 2012 for Dummies.  Thanks to Joey I. for sending the lead image to the HolyMailbox.


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