• Laptop-shooting-Dad Tommy Jordan is an American Hero, Yet NBC Liberal Media Tries to Smear his Parenting Technique

    March 9, 2012 1:29 pm 11 comments
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  • The liberal media is trying to smear the name of yet another good man.  The laptop-shooting-dad who made all parents with a loud-mouth, click-fingered ranty teen who posts nonsense on Facebook proud.  Yet, liberals –the same people who are responsible for all the school shootings, teenage pregnancy and drug use– are now trying to bash a father who simply did his job to teach his daughter an important lesson:  shut-up and respect your father.

    For those of you who do not know the backstory here, several months ago a random teenage girl decided to show typical emosexual angst on Facebook by writing a very long, explicit diatribe against her parents who clothe her, feed her, love her and just bought her a new laptop.  The girl was apparently angry because she was tired of doing chores in her parents fascist regime.  Making her wash those danged dishes and being respectful who just unreasonable.

    Enter Dad.  He saw the nasty post on her Facebook wall and along with his wife, decided to let her daughter know that she was not going to disrespect him in his house, using things that he bought for her.  The IT mogul and large land owner took to his property, taking a laptop out to pasture and also bringing a laptop with him.

    He then pulled out his gun and shot that laptop with 9 clips.  35 million YouTube viewers later, media wants a piece of this parenting ‘monster’.

    Matt Lauer: Paraphrasing, “Don’t you think you are wrong for teaching your daughter a lesson, whahh whahh, we’d rather her be disrespectful, challenge your authority, turn into a drug hooker and then use Obamacare to make all taxpayers buy her contraception that she won’t use because she’s too lazy and can just get more government money for popping out snotty nosed kids who are not up to date on their immunizations?”

    Laptop-shooting-Dad Tommy Jordan: “I stand by what I did.”

    Lauer and NBC was not happy with that answer, so they manipulated the situatino until they undermined Jordan’s parenting authority in the interview and made his daughter out to be a victim. They painted a picture where a dad should not do whatever is needed to get the kids in line. This is why America has all the problems we do.

    When I was young, if I talked back to my father I would get in trouble. If I spoke back to my mother, I may as well had the combined forces of Grendel, the 1984 Chicago Bears defense and Iran-Contra commandos shooting small freedom-guns at me because it would have been less deadly. My mother would whip the hell out of my for lipping off, then give the ‘just wait until your father gets home’. That’s discipline and it kept my butt in line.

    Today, parents would get arrested. Laptop-shooting-dad is being made into a media monster for his actions. They are trying to act like a video just made to get through to his troubled daughter should have considered ‘how everyone else would react’. Since when has a parent cared about making you look dumb in public?

    It’s the classic case of the kid who cries in a store. Who comes out better: the mom who frets and yells, talking on her cellphone to her ‘parenting advisor’ to see what Dr. Lipschitz says about handling a 7-year-old who is still throwing tantrums in the candy aisle. Or how about mommy who leaves the kid crying, not knowing what to do as Mr. Stranger steps in to give some parenting help. Sound common, remember the girl in Georgia where that happened just a few weeks ago? That is liberal parenting.

    Real parents would beat that ass right there on the spot. Wham, wham, wham. The same discipline you get at home, you get in the store. Trust me, you learn real quick that those little whaps are just the tip of the iceberg, because ‘just wait until we get home’ equals no dinner, bare butt beatings and punishment of ‘hard labor’ like little missy complained about for a week being nothing in comparison. But it teaches character and discipline, love and respect for parenting authority.

    And in this world where there are so many negative influences, we need as many homes with loving parents who can responsibly dote discipline as possible.

    I say kudos to laptop-shooting-dad and please, keep your daughter offline and keep whooping her however she needs to turn her into a functioning young woman who respect authority, but more importantly, herself and her family. Ignore NBC.

    Also, for those who asked, laptop-shooting-dad did save all his daughter’s vital data from the computer so she would not lose any images, documents or the like. So, again, it’s just good parenting. She was abusing her computer, so he took it away. The Father giveth, and you better believe he can taketh away. Or as my momma used to say, “Boy, I brought you into this world, and you better believe I can take you out.”

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