• Let the Bullets Fly – Chinese Blockbuster Hits US Theaters

    March 1, 2012 10:36 pm 46 comments
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  • Some Christians have an unexplained affection for foreign films. As a southerner, even discussing foreign films is problematic, since the phrase ‘foreign films’ in casual southern conversation sounds more like ‘forn films’ and that leads to a host of ambiguities over sweet tea and cucumber sandwiches at a ladies luncheon.

    In an effort to stave off the rat holes of uncertainty, one may refer to these types of films by their country of origin or political processes. Communist films or “commie films” would be those made in China, Canada, Puerto Rico, Cuba or Russia. Adding the qualifiers “Godless” and “Complaint” in any discussion reminds the listener/reader that these films are art for the sake of dissension that ignore the divine guidance of scripture and tend to be whiny affirmations of the obvious – Communism doesn’t work.

    Let the Bullets Fly – US Theater Release Date March 2, 2012

    Rating: Three Thumbs Up for Talking Smack about Communism; Two Thumbs Down for Odd Metaphors; One Thumb Down for Bad Subtitles

    Let the Bullets Fly” is a new to America, Godless commie complaint film purported to be the second most popular Chinese film ever made. Over time the Chinese always churn out more babies. One might suppose the number of people seeing “The Last Samurai” isn’t comparatively what it used to be.

    The story line is set in the 1920’s and has an oddly similar story line to the historical film, “Blazing Saddles” only without the song styling of Lilly Von Schtupp, badge weary dirty Messicans, or pot smoking sidekicks. The film does have a lovable Mongo character, the film’s singular bright spot. Aside from characterizations, the plot is familiar.

    In a remote provincial outpost a rabble rousing gang leader, Zhang, hijacks mayoral authority from Old Tang – who is also an agent provocateur for malfeasance. The indigenous gentry’ class becomes displeased with their imposing impostures of local government and a battle of wits and senseless violence begins.

    The Chinese director, Jiang Wen (who also stars and wrote the script), uses a variety of ancient devices to calgonate his acidic fury over the kleptocratic commie regime. Some are familiar, like outrageous violence. Since many Christians don’t get a lot of violence at home or from religious films like “The Passion of Christ”, it is a shocking element. Some of the devices like metaphor are less known to American audiences.

    As a nation, Americans don’t like metaphor, French satire or fancy irony. When metaphor and satire are presented in a foreign language using foreign cultural references, it might as well require understanding of organic chemistry for American audiences to appreciate the message. In America, commie protest movies like “Jackass 3”, “Eric and Tim’s Billion Dollar Penis Joke” or cartoons like “Avatar” are released in godless commie complaint art houses or in ‘south of town’ theaters that pander to the scourge of humanity.

    Unless one is seeking shelter from the weather or would like to sit in a dark theater with obstreperous individuals that might snatch their purse at any moment or try to put bodily fluids in their popcorn, I don’t recommend this film. Christians should rent “Fireproof” or something in English that defends Christian marriage and thinking. We should not be concerned with the protesting of other countries.

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