• LSD-Tripping Cats Fornicate with Students at a Dubstep Rave

    March 21, 2012 11:54 am 83 comments
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  • If we need any more proof that cats are drug-pushing little vermin, we need to look no further than what’s going on today.

    The only thing more evil than a dubstep rave, is having LSD-tripping cats seizuring to the acid bass ‘drop’!

    The cats are clearly possessed by Satan and are tripping on ecstasy or LSD, maybe even the both.  You can see the cat on left may be harboring the spirit of Michael Jackson, suggestively stroking its crotchet region as he throws a Michael Jackson hand in the air.  “Heehee!” I bet it yells like a 6 am woman getting her sally jessy gallied by a surprise jet of cold water in the shower!   Sicko testosterone denier beastials!

    The cat to the right is doing the YMCA hustle.  These cats are infected with demons and you can see everyone else at the rave is under the catnip spell of those felines.  Even when confronted with such evidences, people will try to deny cats is evil.  Just mark my words.  If you see a stray cat, send it to its marker or the pound!

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