• Marvel Comics and Video Game Addicts Release New Homosexually Fueled Movie The Avengers (Trailer)

    March 4, 2012 3:15 am 15 comments
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  • Well, it looks like our little lisping tongued friends at Marvel are at it again!  They want children to “Marvel” at all the sparkling twaddle dandies and milknipples that sit exposed in their sin soaked ‘comic books’.  Marvel is trying to make it seem like it’s all butterflies and rainbows buy saying comic books, when in reality it is an illegal Mexican African rock python waiting to snatch up your son on Disney vacation!

    You may say I’m being extreme, but the comic book world is already under Marvel’s spell on this Avengers movie.  We see even the premier video game clothing enterprise, ‘Archon Clothing’, is tempting every comic book nerd and Cheetos-stained tshirt video game addict to go get possessed by this movie!  It’s as if they helped produce it!

    Quote:Archon Clothing

    We see more of Loki and the army, whose origin is still in questions, that he is working with, but we most get a taste of how the The Avengers come together and how they will be working as a team. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am freaking excited as hell to see this one. If you weren’t excited about this movie already, then this preview will get you pumped.


    Loki is the Greek god of gut grenading and treachery. His goal is to act as effeminate as possible, sashaying all around ancient Greece as he tempts the false god ‘Thor’ into shameful undercover sessions under the Finnish moonlight!  This is all done to bring shame to the kind of fake Norse deities, Orion.

    But don’t take our word for it, let’s look at the cold, hard facts and evidence. These are the ‘stars’ of the Avengers. After you read this, let’s see if you really want your child watching this filth!

    Only drug fueled homosexuals have the time, patience and desire to scuplt abs like these.

    1. The Incredible Hulk

    Originally a swoony Russian spy masquerading as an immigrant to San Francisco, the Incredible Hulk’s tale is a musky one of socialism, homosexuality and drug use.  In the Marvel Comics, “The Hulk” was a sensational spy for the USSR.

    He worked fast and swift, using cherubish like smiles and wholesome charm to finagle the pants and nuclear secrets from weak-willed politicians on vacation in the bay area.  In the Marvel Comics, political leaders could not resist stripping off his homosexually tight purple pants and open vested shirt, the results of the character (real Piotr (Peter) Nikolaievitch Rasputin) toking obscene quantities of the illicit steroid P-90x.

    P-90x is a crude mix the club drug Ecstasy with Quaaludes and minced LSD, all boiled down and liquified with the hallucinogenic alcohol Everclear.  The Hulk was shown always hopping up on this drug and what appeared to be residual cocaine, with lines like ‘this body can be yours too’.

    One day, the Hulk’s lavish lifestyle of political rough-riding hit a turbulent end, as he was hit by a trolley.   But while Piotr “The Hulk” Nikolaivitch fought for his life in a hospital, he began to mutate.  No longer did he remember his past as a homosexual spy hooker for the Soviet Union.  He only sought to unleash chaos and rage, he became The Hulk.

    Character:  The Hulk  Dangerous Themes (homosexuality, Soviet propaganda, injection of steroids to achieve body, prostitution, political betrayal)

    2.  Iron Man

    The name alone should tell you what this character is all about.  Going by the street name ‘Tony Stark’, the Iron Man is just one big marketing ploy to turn young women into steel shimmy device cravers.

    ‘This young woman is giving Iron Man the business.  It is a fetish play that may actually be a calculated attempt by some bed bait company to make a name for itself.  Viorotica:  it sounds as if Viagra is trying to get a push into the static film and video nasty comic film industry.

    Whatever the case, the symbolism here is clear.  In a phallic-toking display, this girl is showing she has deeply inhaled the wafting spirits of immorality.  She is using Iron Man in a ploy designed to lead others into sexual temptation. This one simple image represents what happens if your college daughter or worse wife goes to see this movie. Tony Stark will turn them into little lesbian hookers who proudly walk Vegas at night and play midnight iron giant with the next available black crack dealer.  It represents a timed bomb that will wait for your kids to come upon it and have their thoughts explosively altered by what they see, perhaps even further researching the Viorotica brand line.’

    What need does a woman have for a man, if she can just dally herself with her little vibrating iron man in the secret of night!  And without a strong man, what good is a woman.  Before long, she’ll have dangling sally time with aggresive lesbians (lesbros) and they’ll all be wearing Wonder Woman undies and playing bondage torture time with their ropes!

    This is what Marvel wants all young women to marvel about!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, my good friends.  Marvel is a team of magical homosexuals, using their powers to bring the fantasies of your innocent children one step closer to lifetime perversion.  Be looking forward to my full report on The Avengers on ChristWire TV!

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