• Men, What Happened?

    March 27, 2012 1:07 pm 30 comments
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  • There was a point in time where girls were girls, and men were men. Those were the days when America’s economy was strong, family units tight and heterosexual Christianity was the uncontested religion of this God-founded nation. Then, somewhere along the line, men lost charge and now the world is in peril.

    Men, what happened?

    My colleague and personal friend Joe P. Reagan wrote a treastise that accurately reported Feminism Is Destroying Society.  While it is definitely true that the strong-jawled Maude in Charge women of this world are responsible for the downfall of America, it must not be ignored that behind every ‘strong’ woman is a weak man.

    And when women are dictating the mores and finances of society, while men are flossing around with geled up hair, orange tanned bodies and dapping each other in the behind, we’re a nation doomed to failure.

    Too many men today are passive.  They no longer guide their family with a strong arm and proudly proclaim themselves captain of their ship.  Their crew runs amock, their wives staying out into late hours of the night, neglecting the children she bore that crave her motherly affection and attention.  We’re so concerned about kids wearing black laced clothing and painting their faces like meth-addled raccoon, jittering hands hardly unable to hold the mascara applicator from all the buzzing coke that’s coursing their diseased bloodstream.

    Boys are wearing their pants baggy and falling into lifestyles of perversion of shame, letting men ravage their innocence because they are so ’emo’.  Their fashion tastes are leggings fit for an anorexic flamingo, pink pants giving way to a lifestyle that will not produce a strong husband who works 9 – 5, rolls in six figures a year and would slap the taste of any of his family who dared stray from the ideals of his grandfather’s America.

    Men of today are weak and will dabble in makeup, wearing their hair long and clothes tightly rebellious. Women are starting to ogle and follow these weird men, turning America into an Eastern European cesspool of fake leathers, non-working drug addicts who listen to raver music until they pass out from LSD overdose at 4 o'clock in the morning.

    There was a point in time when men like Conway Twitty or Earl Jones would have smacked Bieber with his backhand for wearing awkward fitted hats, girl’s tops and crooning “Oh baby, baby oh” and thinking he was creating a hit single.

    And society would have allowed it.

    Today, if men dare lay a hand on their children or wives for discipline, they are subjugated and called abusive.  And guess what?  Most of you men today accept that and do not challenge the authority of the left-wing liberal pansy elite who are destroying your fashion, your jobs, your college education and your right to live in a society where you run your proper family, just like the rest of your male neighbors in your suburban neighborhood.

    There is a loss of class and standards in men.  What ever happened to opening the doors for women?  How about greeting a woman with a none-gold plated mouth, neat hair and strong brow showing a man fervent in great fashion, good taste and proper libido.  A man who can fulfill the every desire of his woman and would never stand for her skanking around in nightclubs and then claiming him as the owner of the child growing in the place where 1,000 phalluses had visited the month before.

    In the America of James Dean and Ronald Reagan, women like Snooki would never be considered a celebrity.  A referal to the CDC and shunning with the name ‘harlot’ would be the least of such a loose woman’s worries.  But men of the new age are attracted to mini-black dress wearing, club-passed out bimbos who spread disease faster than their snotch.  Men, where are you going wrong?

    Today, loose women and aggressive women are being praised. The ratio of men to women in college is 40% to 60%. If Senator McCarthy were still alive, he’d declare the entire education system communist and defund the overfunded Department of Education. Clearly, no one is educated if women who suck their way to the top and gladly use Obamacare to get birth control pills they won’t always use as evidenced by their already existing pack of nappy haired kids are being hailed as the modern heroines of society. Men, get your country back.

    In a world where the picture at right of President Obama mouth kissing David Cameron does not make you disgusted, we’ve clearly lost site of the commands of the greatest man of all.

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