• Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber to Host New MTV Show Punk’d, Hide Your Children

    March 29, 2012 7:44 pm 10 comments
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  • A new children’s television show named “Punk’d” is airing on television tonight and it is nothing but a bullyfest of mean pranks and tricks to make good people cry and be embarassed.

    It’s no surprise that two children we fought to keep moral are hosting the show.  It must be the liberal’s way of saying, “Take that America” and showcase to teenagers they’ve corrupted, just like they will do any other demographic teen who is allowed to watch this show.  For parents who don’t know, the female host of the show is a woman named Miley Cyrus.

    Let’s take a look at her sinsational resume:

    What you see Miley Cyrus doing to that man in the video, is just only a sample of what she’s going to do to innocent old men and helpless teenage boys on her show Punk’d.  Miley Cyrus’ schtick is going around New York, stimulating good men and making them think she is hitting on them.  When they reach the point of no return, she suddenly jumps up and yells ‘Punk’d!’, then teases husbands who were tricked into a grind fest with her.  She allegedly acquires the home phone numbers of wives so she can call them before the show airs.

    The trauma this woman is going to cause teenage boys by calling up their friends and letting them know they’ve been Punk’d is beyond comprehension.  You may think the fleshy, gyrating Miley Cyrus dangling her sally in sin like this is bad, but Punk’d only gets worse.

    Justin Bieber is the main host of Punk'd

    Justin Bieber.

    The young man at left is nothing but a crooning troublemaker, his voice sugar-plummed with sinful words akin to saltwater taffy to the pancreas of a diabetic.  .

    We’ve caught him:  sniffing drugs before MTV awards, selling Nazi shirts, being an emosexual, twaddling a woman and creating a sinchild, hanging out with the gang rapper Ice’d Tea and all other sorts of sins.

    He also guest appears on a television show and routinely tells lies in support of Obama and putting down President Bush.

    If you won’t want your child giving lapdances to old men in Hollywood or thinking Shariah Law may be a fun thing for the family, don’t let them watch MTV Punk’d.


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