• Navajo Dares Sue Urban Outfitters over Tribal Names

    March 2, 2012 9:28 am 24 comments
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    If you give foreigners an inch, they will take a mile.  Today we see how true this statement is as the Navajo Indians are taking on the good American company Urban Outfitters.

    In trial news you can read here, the Navajo Tribe Nation is upset with a new line of clothing from Urban Outfitters.  All of this started when Urban Outfitters simply sold some nice underwear and whiskey flasks with the name “Navajo” on them.  Now how it that offensive at all?  Are they trying to deny that just like our friends the blacks like fried chickens, the Navajos don’t love them some fire water?  I’m confused.

    I thought such historical accuracies would be praise, but not in Obama America!  Apparently, all Indian tribes have a right to use their name before any American companies, even though it was an American who named them all!  If it were not for Christopher Columbus and his sidekick America Vespucci, this land would still be savage!

    Wild grizzlies roaming the heartland!  British redcoats enslaving everyone brown!  No God blessing the crops and soil of the land from sea to shining sea!  Just pure savagery!

    But, America was given this promised land and turned it into the most promising country.  And in our infinite wisdom and mercy, we let foreign people live on our land so I don’t really see what the big deal is here.  We scratch our backs and you scratch ours.  Urban Outfitters is just trying to clothe our suburban kids with something hip and trendy without them having to go to the hood to get the threads.  What’s wrong with that, Daddio Jack?

    Just like my hip statement there kids today want to be hip, cool cats.  It’s just the trend for them to have pride in our friends the Navajo.  Urban Outfitters was surely just trying to keep the kiddios happy and clothed, so really,what’s the big deal in all this?

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