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    March 2, 2012 6:45 pm 410 comments
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  • With a successful book launch, a new television deal, and several sold out live events, the chrisTwire brand has never been more popular. To celebrate that fact we have launched a new line of chrisTwire toys and accessories.

    The first line of toys was inspired by our own long time commenter Claire, who recently commented for the 100th time “I have been here longer than you”.

    Catalogue number CWT1-01 “The Emergency Meow”
    Cat hoarders often suffer from extreme separation anxiety when they have to be away from their “children” for even the shortest time. With the Emergency Meow, one push on the button and you get a self-satisfying cat meow which will get you by for another few minutes.

    The Emergency Meow is priced at a reasonable $14.99 and uses 2 AA batteries (included)

    Catalogue number CWT1-02 “Crazy cat lady”
    The Claire crazy cat lady is sure to be one of our more popular models. The limited edition spinster figure comes with vet tech rubber shoes, fancy scrubs pants and two cats on person. In addition, six additional cats are included in the packaging.

    The Crazy Cat Lady Limited Spinster Edition is priced at a low-low price of $19.95 and you will automatically be enrolled in the cat club* where a new cat will be sent to you each month.

    Catalogue number CWT1-03 “Cat-A-Pult”
    The Cat-A-Pult is sure to be a huge hit with kids and the collegiate crowd. It is a cat launcher and includes 4 cats modeled after Claire’s actual cats. On the back there is a target for kids and instructions for a drinking game for those 18 or older.

    The Cat-A-Pult is priced at $9.95 and is not suitable for children under the age of three.

    Look for all three items at fine Christian bookstores everywhere. (Items not available in VT, NH, WA, CT, NY, IA, and the District of Columbia.)

    Special thanks to member Stuart Keyes from the Colorado fellowship, who graciously donated his time to bring these novelties to market.

    *Cat club membership is $5.95 a month and is automatically billed to your Credit Card. After 2 years you may cancel by sending your request along with the original receipt to the address on the back of the packaging.


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