• NFL Shock – Peyton Manning Signs with Denver Broncos, ‘Tim Tebow Will Play Elsewhere’

    March 9, 2012 7:38 pm 12 comments
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  • Demonic Peyton Manning ruins life of young Christian Tim Tebow. Tebow can only look on as Denver Broncos betray him thrice before the cock crows, selling him out for Peyton Manning Broncos jerseys.

    I can think of nothing more vile and disgusting than ruining the life and career of a young man, but it seems Old Coot Manning and the Denver Broncos are doing just that. They are willing to humiliate and force tears from the face of a young inspiring Christian, whose devotion last year brought a sense of honesty and passion to the elitist NFL.

    Peyton Manning played 14-years with the Indianapolis Colts, ensuring himself a place in the NFL Hall of Fame in the process. He’s a multi-millionaire. He will continue to make millions from endorsements, royalties, coaching or commentating. As far as football is concerned, Peyton Manning has already lived a lifetime and should just retire.

    But instead of fading gracefully into the sunset with but a wounded shoulder, Manning has pulled the ultimate in low moves. What Peyton Manning had done to Tim Tebow is no different than a 98-year-old millionaire geriatric bending a nurse over his bed for $200 bucks right before he dies, knocking her up and leaving her angry husband’s life ruined when he reads about the “Billionaire’s Final Bang” and how he and his 4 kids were betrayed. Don’t worry, Timmy No-name. You’re a good Christian and will land on your feet!

    The Broncos affair with Manning is full blown. Only moments ago, Peyton was taken by limo to the mansion of the Bronco’s owner. Seconds later, John Elway retweeted “Tim Tebow Will Play Elsewhere”.

    Reading about all this makes me sick. We have to hope that “Bounty Hunting” remains a legal concept in the NFL, so Peyton Manning can be finally put out to pasture with an Old Yeller calibre concussion or torn ACL. Maybe he will get addicted to Ben-gay and never know Super Bowl glory again, much like Dan Marino. I just want him to have a poor year because Tim Tebow was meant to be in Denver, but the greed of an old man has ruined the hopes and dreams of an inspiring young man.

    And just to ruin the day of you Bronocos fans, let me level with you. Being a lifetime Chiefs and Redskins fan, let me tell you these ‘old’ quarterbacks are like glass. Getting hit by NFL guys for 14 years makes their real age double. So Manning is really 72. One or two sacks, and he will be out for the season.

    Think about that tonight as you get ready for your next season.

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