• Nick Cannon Health Issues Being Explained As Autoimmune Disease

    March 4, 2012 4:31 am Comments Off on Nick Cannon Health Issues Being Explained As Autoimmune Disease
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  • Nick Cannon’s recent health issues are being explained as an autoimmune disease.  The singer, rapper, comedian funnyman, record producer, executive chairman and loving husband of Mariah Carey, oh, and host of America’s Got Talent (I think we got them all) recently shocked fans when it was announced he was hospitalized. 

    Mariah Carey announced that he was recovering but had some sort of potentially fatal kidney disease.  Today, Cannon’s representatives have further explained that the issues with Cannon’s health are an autoimmune disorder.

    Autoimmune processes are those in which the body inflicts damage on itself.  Imagine what your body does every time you get sick with a cold virus, or may get a nasty bit of bacteria growing in your throat.  Your body goes on the offensive, attacking the pathogen.  Now imagine if your body were to mistake an organ within it as a threat and attacked it:  that process in which your body turns on itself in some area is an autoimmune disorder.

    In an interview with People Magazine, Cannon further elaborated that his condition was ‘lupus-like’ and he considered himself lucky to be alive, considering he had a blood clot.  While the disorder will slow Cannon’s ability to host various shows, right now the best thing in his life is staying healthy and learning to manage his disorder.

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