• Obama Calls on Congress to Pass Buffett Tax Rule

    March 31, 2012 5:30 pm 10 comments
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    As if we needed more proof that Democratic fat-cats love to fill their belly with the hardworking fat of the land, these greedy baffoons have now created something called the “Buffett Tax”.

    The name of this tax is a play on words and shows just how crazy, smug and emboldened these Democrat tax-happy politicians have become. They are calling it the buffett tax because it reminds them of going to a greasy All-you-can-Eat chicken buffett like Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, filling themselves up with all the bad, greasy foods they can and then paying for it with their OBAMACARE foodstamps.

    Then, when they have high blood pressure and heart disease like all democrats that are black tend to do, they will make us pay for it with Obamacare!

    My friends, the Democrats have loosened their belts and are sitting at America’s buffett table.  They are planning to steal food off the plates of your wife and your children, so they can feed it to themselves and cook up pet projects like giving $1 billion to the Muslim brotherhood, wasting money on global warming research and free healthcare for the lazy. 

    Let us support our Republican senators and house members when they say no to the Buffett Rule Tax. America is fat enough already!

    It’s time for the government to go on a diet and say no to the buffett table. 


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