• Pau Gasol Traded from LA Lakers, Kobe Prophesy is Coming True

    March 9, 2012 4:07 pm Comments Off on Pau Gasol Traded from LA Lakers, Kobe Prophesy is Coming True
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  • Several weeks ago, Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant unleashed some cutting words on how HIS team is being mishandled by the new, dismal management.  Bryant revealed a system of cronies and phonies in LA, people more interested in ticket sales and lavish life than winning championships. 

    Access to the team’s upper-crust is now limited, in an organization that has gutted every remnant of Phil Jackson.   And to top everything off on Bryant’s frustration list, were ongoing rumors that Lakers star and Bryant’s favorite Pau Gasol may be getting traded.

    Today stories abound that the deal has been done. Lakers management have finally taken Gasol out of limbo and have traded him. Insiders speculate that Houston may be the team where Gasol is headed, but at time of report sources we’ve contacted with the organization are denying these claims.

    If things are as bad as Bryant makes them to be, only people close to the trade and necessary league officials will know any prelimanary details. The Lakers are now an organization where Bryant can hardly get in a word with the General Manager or Coach. The players are being treated more like employees instead of on-the-field executives, and that disrespect may show why the team is spotty at best in victory.

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