• Polk County Florida Overrun by Atheists – Lake County Residents Rebuke the Hand of Satan with a Miracle!

    March 26, 2012 3:44 pm 8 comments
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  • A Clermont resident observed a vision of Christ on this power box

    <chris†wire> Atheists have responded from around the world to the war-cry of their embattled heathen brethren, so desperate their plight the Godless have included women among their warrior numbers. Enslaved in darkness to their lord & master Satan, Polk County Florida is quickly being overrun by non-believers, the wicked and the damned!

    In Lake County Florida residents have responded to the crisis after a blessed miracle occurred earlier in Clermont. Armed homeowners and citizens now patrol the roads and communities of Lake County in an effort to keep this evil out of their otherwise beautiful and unspoiled Christian county.  

    Chris†wire affiliate WKMG 10News reports a miracle has taken place at the Torchlite RV Park at 10201 U.S. Highway 27 in Clermont. A woman whose identity remains unknown had a vision of Christ as she prayed on her back porch. Speaking with reporters under anonymity, the mystery woman said her discovering the image of Christ was, “a blessing especially with †Easter† drawing near.”

    Local 6 reporter, Jolene Bates is at the Torchlite and interviewed the mystery woman and others at the site where the miracle took place. “I came out on the patio and I was praying and I just looked over back towards the woods and I seen this here, and it was like a comfort to me,” the mystery woman said.

    The mystery woman was looking at a nearby disconnected power box attached to a utility pole when the image of Christ appeared to her in the boxes glass window. “I’ve heard that He does appear in many places at many times,” she added.

    Local 6 reporters estimated about 60 people had already surrounded the utility pole where the blessed miracle occurred. Neighbors and passer-byers stood about in a buzz over the hallowed site as they took pictures of Christ’s holy image with their cell phone cameras.

    Bates interviewed Andrew Keeler, 92, a resident of the Torchlite who said, “I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and by God the image of Christ is as clear at it gets.” Ann Morales who was driving by and stopped said, “Nothing ever happens round here. I’m so happy I stopped. I used my cell phone to take this picture of the face of Christ,” she told reporters.
    Clermont Police soon arrived as lookie-lou’s on U.S. 27 were slowing to see what must have been truly a bizarre site to behold thereby causing a traffic jam. It’s not everyday that motorist who regularly drive this rural route through the Godforsaken Everglades, (a sweltering unholy pit of death very well known for having more tiny in-breeder towns per capital in the US, second only to Alabama) would expect to witness such a surreal site; that of a large frenzied crowd descending around some rather modest trailer park utility box, creating a circus-like atmosphere, as they all fought for the best ground, for the best angle to get their cell-phone photographs of our Lord & Savior.
    Within minutes the crowd had swelled to about 100 most who’d hastily abandoned their vehicles in order to see the holy event thereby blocking the entrance in and out of the Torchlite.

    Reporter Jolene Bates said she was surprised by the number of people present who had heard of the miracle through social media sites including Facebook, and Twitter. Father Antonio Conneti of the Clermont Catholic Church declared the event “a blessed sign from God,” as he bellowed to the crowd… “It’s a miracle! A miracle! It’s a sign of His soon coming! Repent sinners for the hour of the Lord’s coming approaches! The Rapture is nigh and you are condemned by your sins! Salvation is at hand brothers and sisters!”

    The scene had grown into quite a spectacle before sheriff’s and Highway Patrol units arrived to aid the two beleaguered Clermont officers who did their best to keep traffic moving. Bates briefly spoke to Lake County Sheriff Gary S. Borders who arrived in a mobile command RV. Sheriff Borders said, “Lake County will not tolerate any heathen atheist invasion here like the one now underway in Polk County. We’ve experienced a miracle here in Clermont, one validated by Father Conneti. God’s hand protects Lake County and the Godless are not welcome here!”

    This follows days after terrorist operatives with the Atheists of Florida (AOF) laid siege to the residents of Polk County cursing a local Christian Ministry known as Polk Under Prayers, (PUP) and covering roadways, churches and local residents  with “Unholy Water” a mix of water and oil, mostly oil. This unholy water, not doubt bewitched by EllenBeth Wachs herself.

    Atheists from the back of pick-up trucks drove around using fire hoses to hose down God-fearing, descent Christians with their toxic mix of unholy water. They further desecrated churches, schools, daycare centers, playgrounds, public libraries, shopping malls and the county Courthouse, where the Godless culminated Saturday night for their grand crescendo of unholy terror.

    Local 6 cameramen and reporters stood stunned as they witness these soulless slaves of Satan as they danced wildly and chanted in tongues while performing Hoodoo blood rituals by cutting the throats of chickens and dancing in the gore on the Courthouse steps. It was the vilest and most disgusting scene that I have ever witnessed. The Godless grinded their hips together, while withering, gyrating and pulsating to the unholy sounds of Dubstep, Bates said.

    Dubstep, according to Wikipedia is a genre of electronic dance music described as “tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals”. Its origins date back to 1998 where Dubstep had its birth in the deep brush of the African Serengeti.

    Carried by Westerners throughout Europe and the U.S. Dubstep has gained a minor, but dedicated fan base mostly of today’s twisted dark youth culture of Vamp-Freaks, Goths, Ravers, Witches, bitches, EMOs, Juggalos, Gypsies, Atheists, California Democrats, Welfare recipients, Pagans, Homo-brony’s, Marijuana junkies, and the innocent, unspoiled flesh of Amish youth during Rumspringa.

    Atheists can be difficult to spot unless you know what to look for. Many dress commonly and go to work or school daily and carry on their affairs much like anyone else. But these enemies of God and mankind have a number of “tells” that should alert you to the presence of an atheist. First any woman who holds a job other than one appropriate for woman’s work such as housecleaning, secretarial, bookkeeping, laundress, nursing or motel maids are probably atheists.

    The absence of a wedding ring on women exceeding 25 year of age is also another sign of the woman being a lecherous whore. The absence of a Christian crucifix hanging from one’s neck is another sign of demon possession. And those who are their own victims of alcoholism and illicit narcotics abuse, as with those suffering from mental illness are certainly among the doomed.

    Sheriff Judd has just issued a press release asking for the public’s help to bring this menacing crisis to an end. Judd reports a number of these atheists, some already in custody, are reported to be wearing hoodies as they attend to the devil’s work throughout Polk County. Citizens are asked to report anyone wearing a hoodie by calling 9-1-1.

    Hoodies are popular with Teens & Atheists

    Rev. Billy Ray Sunday
    On assignment in Winter Haven, Florida

    chris†wire has assigned this developing news story to Rev. Sunday of Alabama who is temporarily filling in for Brother Johnathan Bane.

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