• Polk County Florida under Atheist Siege – Marshall Law Expected Anytime!

    March 23, 2012 2:22 pm 11 comments
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  • Florida Devil Worshipers Cover Highway with Unholy Water

    <chris†wire> BREAKING NEWS – Christians in Polk County Florida are under Satan’s siege of Evil tonight after the Godless descended on Polk County in what may have been an attempt to forcibly take control of county government in order to secede from the Union. I’m told some type of fighting has been underway at the County Courthouse in Barton for the past 45 minutes. Details are sketchy but police report a number of people down from related gunshot wounds.

    The attempted coup now underway began last year when the Christian ministers who belong to the group Polk Under Prayers, (PUP) a coalition of Christian Churches in Polk County well known for doing the Lord’s good works of spreading the word by promoting faith in their local communities; last year anointed the county line separating Polk County and Pasco Counties along Florida Highway 98. The local pastors spread holy oil over the pavement on the county line and prayed for the safety of all travelers on the highway and for the protection of local citizens from drug lords known to use this highway as a dope pipeline from Mexico into New York City.

    AOF Terrorists Attack Barton Residents and Cover Highway 98 in Unholy Water

    Last Monday a dangerous satanic cult known as the Atheists of Florida (AOF) staged a media event by publicly violating this sacred hollowed ground by washing off the pavement with “unholy water” on the site where PUP had blessed it a year before. Tuesday morning reports from local residents claimed a miracle had taken place on the site overnight. Blood was reported to have been observed “leaking through the pavement at the site of the county line for over an hour.”

    Polk County Sheriff’s 9-1-1 dispatch supervisor, Diana Wells confirmed having received over 30 calls by 7:30 am Tuesday. I would be remiss in my Christian duty should I fail to call your attention the fact that the Atheists of Florida is listed on the FBI Cult Watch List as a known End of Days Suicide Death cult closely associated with the Mexican cult known as, “Santa Muerte” or Saint Death or Holy Death.

    This follows the stunning announcement from AOF that two of its most visible and outspoken members, John Keiffer and Ellenbeth Wach, President and Vice-President respectively were both booted out of the sinister organization recently. AOF released its reason for the unexpected firings saying, “they disgraced the AOF, by bringing shame and unrest to the organization by engaging in militant type tactics, engaging in felonious criminal acts, and excessively drawing negative media attention to the AOFOusted                        

    Ousted Former AOF President John Keiffer

    Jennifer Hancock of the Tampa Humanism & Freethought Examiner, a known communist publication based in Tampa since 1962, is reputed to have direct ties to Cuba and was linked to the unrest of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Minutes after the JFK assassination FBI surveillance teams were placed on 24 hour surveillance of the Examiner offices. The group, according to the FBI also had connections to the terrorist underground Black Panther Party. Hancock wrote…

    Ousted AOF V.P. Ellenbeth Wachs

    “The fallout over the removal of John and Ellenbeth has been vocal as Ellenbeth Wachs and John Keiffer have been the AOF’s most prominent and visible members. Both have been in the news for getting arrested as a result of their protests in favor of church state separation in Polk County Florida.”

    Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, a devoted evangelical Christian Brother, and personal friend of mine, has been the only man to put these roaches of mayhem under his lawful boot of authority! Judd arrested Ellenbeth, a Godless tart, after she was caught during an undercover sting operation posing as an attorney in order to defraud the elderly of their life savings.

    Ellenbeth’s second arrest came 48 days later when calls from her neighbors to 9-1-1 reported her and an “obese biker bitch” were both parading naked on the public street chanting “Death to Christ, rejoice in Satan’s return!” The women were then reported to have engaging in an unholy union while taking unnatural liberties on one another, so unimaginable that I dare not utter a single word of their intimate nature on this holy chris†wire network so as to protect women, children, the elderly and faint of heart.

    Atheist of the Year for 2011 Ellenbeth Wachs Before Her Forced Removal from the AOF

    But mark my word brothers & sisters of faith such desperate wickedness in public just 240 feet from an elementary school and across the street from an animal shelter can only be the work of the Godless, the forsaken, and the lost souls who are enslaved to do the twisted dark bidding of their master the Prince of Darkness for eternity. As the famous evangelical preacher Billy Sunday once said… “If it won’t stand the fire of the melting pot it’s no good!”

    Evangelical Preacher Billy Sunday c. 1892

    It’s damn hard for a God-fearing man to image an atheists group, some of the most ignorant, depraved and Godless primitives of the modern era feeling “disgraced” by anyone, who like them is stupid enough not to have faith and be saved during these troubling days. For the end is nigh brothers & sisters. Praise be to Him!!!

    According to public records filed in Polk County by the Department of Mental Health Services; last month sheriff’s deputies placed Ellenbeth under a 5150 hold for 72 hours incarcerating her in the county’s mental heath secure facility. Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act provide some insight into this witch’s horrible torment.

    The following appeared on an orderly’s night report on Feburary 16, 2012… “Ellenbeth has been unable to cope with her forced removal and shameful public fall from grace as the disgrace whorelot who somehow managed to shame a group of the wicked and the damned! She remains despondent and often shouts in tongues at night during her hold at our facility. There is no doubt this witch is possessed by some demon from hell. Note condition at 4:14 am for Dr. Terri Carter.”   

    Regardless, Miss Ellenbeth still demands her share of media attention. According to unnamed Confidential Reliable Informants (CRI) inside the AOF, she has filed a civil suit against a true man of Christian courage, our dedicated servant, Sheriff Grady Judd. Sources state Ellenbeth is nothing more than… “White trailer-trash who shot her 15 minutes of fame for her pointless cause. She is a media-addicted slut who has been suffering with deep depression since the media spotlight long ago left her aged sagging breasts behind.”

    In the past few days Sheriff Judd reports sporadic fighting around the County Courthouse in Barton as well as in outlining areas as Florida’s militant atheists continue to arrive here in Polk County in what many believe is an effort to unseat county government. Twelve people have been killed, and 21 wounded since fighting broke out shortly after the Godless covered highways, local churches and many Barton residents with their “Unholy Water” on Tuesday. Martial Law may be declared at anytime according to Sheriff Judd.

    Blessed Be to All,

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