• Prince Harry in Belize, Gets Caught Doing the Doogie

    March 4, 2012 4:24 am Comments Off on Prince Harry in Belize, Gets Caught Doing the Doogie
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  • The English Crown still has strong affinity for exploiting the countries south of America.  Newest reports indicate Prince Harry was caught covorting with local women in Belize, using them to ‘sow his royal oats’ and dancing all about the town.

    Surely in 9 months the city of Belmopan may be able to stake some claims on the crown of England.  Harry was supposed to be in Belize to attend the Diamond Jubilee, a tour where somehow spending up taxpayer’s money, getting drunk and dancing with locals celebrates his grandmother — Queen Elizabeth II — being perched upon her lofty throne for over 60 years.

    Next on Harry’s tour list are the following countries:  The Bahamas, Jamica and Brazil (Rio de Janiero, followed by a night in Ipanema).  This tour list sounds more like an idealistic spring break getaway for any college coed, and judging by the pictures, it seems Harry is treating it as such.

    What’s all quaint is that in the celebrations, Belize did unveil a Queen Elizabeth II Blvd.  To me, naming it the Boulevard of Broken Dreams would be more appropriate.  Doesn’t the Monroe Doctrine forbid the British coming over to this hemisphere to party and relish in all the destruction they caused their former ‘colonies’?

    If the English had any sense, they’d end the royalty altogether and save themselves some money.

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