• Racists Attack Hunger Games Movie Cast

    March 26, 2012 11:46 pm 97 comments
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  • (chrisTwire)—Fans on twitter are not happy with the casting in the recent release: Hunger Games the Motion Picture.

    Complained one fan on Twitter: “Why does rue have to be black not gonna lie kinda ruined the movie.”
    Apparently in the book, two main characters are not described in the as being black but instead as “tan skinned”
    Other liberal tweets about the film:

    “Why did the producer make all the good characters black?”
    “Why is Rue a little black girl? Stick to the book, dude,” said another.
    “I’m still pissed that Rue is black,”
    “Ewwww rue is black?? I’m not watching,”

    Another tweeter even uttered the “N” word in decrying African-American actress Amandla Stenberg’s race.

    chrisTwire is offended and does not tolerate the use of the N word. The only time it is ever used here is by some of the regular naysayer commenters….. Shame on you L.N. …

    For more information on the evil that is the “Hunger Games” see:

    Brother Christopher’s Motion Picture Review

    Sister Susan’s Motion Picture Review

    Update: our own Liberal Naysayer (LN) has chosen to use the “N word” again in the comments section of this article. We wish to take this time to distance ourselves from her liberal hate and to apologize to our diverse audience.

    In other news:

    Remembering Jonathan Bane

    Sadly, today we were informed of the untimely passing of Brother Jonathan Bane. Just three days ago he submitted what was to become his final article: Polk County Florida under Atheist Siege – Marshall Law Expected Anytime!

    We in the fellowship will miss this scholar, fan favorite, and hero.

    For a complete listing of all his articles please see his page here: Brother Jonathan Bane.

    Godspeed Brother, YouAwesome!


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