• Radical Liberal Bill Maher, America’s Secret Agent of Globalist Atheism and Marijuana Addiction

    March 15, 2012 8:19 am 58 comments
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  • He claims to be the prophet of a new world order. He preaches addiction in every form, from marijuana to atheism to liberalism. With his brylcreemed hair and sharkskin suits, he travels the world demanding the destruction of all religious faith. He is none other than Bill Maher, undoubtedly one of the most heinous political activists in America today.

    Do you think he’s funny? Does he make you laugh? Do you also get a chuckle out of the millions dead from fascism and communism? Their blood is on the hands of those, like Maher, responsible for the rise of Godlessness and hate in the 20th century. Today, it is Maher’s socialist comrades who seek to deny the love of Jesus Christ in order to foment the very globalist dictatorships that Bible Prophecy warns us about. Maher is not just a proponent of Obama’s fascist “change,” he has become a demi-god in radical anti-Christianist circles. With all his wealth and power, he is singularly dedicated to agitating for an End Times endgame.

    stephenson billings on aziz ansariThe klutzy Mr. Maher started his career as a kvetching stand-up comic with a decidedly schmaltzy routine. His awkwardly nasal voice and effeminate poses on stage did not win him many fans in the heartland, but the liberal elite of Hollywood and New York knew they had discovered one of their own. It wasn’t long before meshugana Maher was schlepping up the ranks. In the 90s, he flattened his perm and adopted the manners of our nation’s new moneyed class. He was slick and preppy, amoral and lascivious. He dressed like a Wall Street banker on a weekend in Aspen. His sardonic pomposity was labeled chutzpah, as if that were some excuse for his unbridled closemindedness. His girlfriends and gaudy mansions were the weekly fodder for insatiable tabloids. America’s star-obsessed public just couldn’t get enough of the opulent Mr. Maher. It was an outsized life for the former New Jersey pisher.

    When 9/11 brought monumental tragedy to America, Bill Maher’s svelte, sarcastic and flamboyantly sensual lifestyle seemed suddenly out of place. He dug that grave even deeper when, on his nationally syndicated ABC gabfest, he openly sympathized with Arab terrorism. Patriotic citizens were outraged, but the millionaire socialist was only further emboldened.

    stephenson billings on aziz ansariAfter he was unceremoniously fired from television, Maher took up the narcotic marijuana agenda with renewed vigor as a spokesman for NAMBLA. In this man’s mind, every teen needs to be choking down on a reefer joint, stumbling about in their “purple hazes” to all night sex parties where boys swap with girls and girls swap with boys. Maher’s worldview is premised on the idea that we need a constant flow of goofballs and kicks running through our veins. How else can one avoid that compassionate call to spiritual responsibility that is the foundation of America’s destiny of global primacy? Naturally, the man is also a proponent of hardcore homosexual “marriage” (which, indeed, might reveal something about the urbane and skinny bachelor himself). Is there anything moral and decent about the United States that Bill Maher doesn’t hate?

    And it gets much worse. In recent years, Mr. Maher has launched a cable program entitled Real Time in which he advocates for extreme atheism. He has also produced a film called, “Religulous” in which he trapezes the globe mocking Christians. It is with utter horror that you watch the sleazy celebrity sneer and guffaw at the humble people of God. He cannot let them finish a sentence without laughing that shrieking, schlocky laugh of his. The man’s cruelty knows no bounds. Each week Real Time highlights just how much bile can be spewed from the ridiculous package of moronic liberalism that is Maher.

    stephenson billings on aziz ansariMany would describe Bill Maher as the poor man’s Jon Stewart. He lacks the elaborate stage sets and marquee guests of his more successful Jewish peer. His shows are often clumsy and ill-conceived. He doesn’t come close to the wit of charlatan Stephen Colbert, who uses satire to mock family values on his nightly cable show. Maybe Maher still aims to be funny, a sort of balding Will Ferrell for the boomer set. Yet there is no humor in destroying everything that the prostrate, yearning people of this nation hold dear. For an outside observer, the cult of Maher makes no sense. His intellect hovers somewhere between the painfully awkward and the unequivocally second-rate. Despite all this, he blusters on in the scorching desert of our culture, leading the confused, the angry, the villainous on to some false promise of the promised land.

    What sort of man is this Bill Maher, with those little insect eyes? He is forever up on stage, pleading for your patronage. The Bible warns us about such a man who manipulates the young to sell a fabled dream of a fabulously gratifying but profane future. After all the layers of Maher are pulled back, is he not the very agent of evil we have been warned about? I cannot claim to know the answer, but when the day comes and the Dark Knight of Satan is revealed to be amongst us, I suspect he will look very much like potsmoking millionaire atheist celebrity Bill Maher.

    “But the spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons. By means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron, men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth.” –1 Timothy 4:1-3.


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