• Ron Paul Claims $10,000 Gold Prices Key To American Future, Savior for Economically Frozen Planet

    March 19, 2012 7:05 am 19 comments
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  • Texas Governor Rick Perry grabs Ron Paul, threatening the presidential candidate to 'shut up with that hippie commie nonsense' after Ron Paul declared the US Dollar was unconstitutional, saying the world should all be using one currency and that currency should be gold. Visibly threatened by Rick Perry's patriotism, Ron Paul shrank back and silently plotted more ways to dismantle true Republican dogma with his latent British feudalism.

    Ron Paul is at it again.  After losing 68 members of his ‘Paul’s Posse’ militia group after a stand-off with federal troops in Columbia, Missouri, a recently bailed Paul is full of undaunted energy as he continues his campaign of dismantling America as we know it.

    Paul’s newest platform is enticing American voters with promises of gold prices being the savior to the nation’s financial burden.
    According to Ron Paul, the US Dollar is unconstitutional.  In his view, all states should have their own currency and that currency should all be printed out on pure gold coins.  Paul feels that with an international standard of printed gold, a better system of trade can be established.

    In his newest platform, Dr. No fearmongers as he paints the scenario for an economically frozen planet.  “The world is entering an ice age, one that Al Gore definitely think is coming,” Ron Paul started off.  “This ice age is not physical, but one that will effect the pocket books of every person on this planet.”

    “Imagine not being able to buy food for your family.  To eat, you’ll have to murder the family next door to survive.  It will be a dog eat dog world, every man for himself.  Your home will not be safe for everyone will have frozen assets when the unconstitutional banks and their currency crash!”

    “Are you ready to sell your children for profit, America?  If not, you will not hang them anymore upon a cross of silver, the path to it lined by bloody dollars.”

    The speech stirred many middle class Americans, disenfranchised by their dismal finances.  According to Ron Paul, all Americans with a gold ring, watch or even a gold tooth would be instantly wealthy.  “With but one ounce of gold, you have an equivalent buying power of $10,000,” a bold Ron Paul stated.

    He continued, ‘So just imagine, if you have a measly 10 ounces of gold in your home, you already have an equivalent of $100,000?  Does that sound like a nice payday?’

    America is not safe until people like anti-dollar Ron Paul are safely tucked away from society.

    What everyone must realize is that Ron Paul is trying to create a feudal system of Lords and peasants, one that we already saw fail in London’s dark ages.  Ron Paul is a socialist and race supremist.  His ideals are not Christian.  He wants a world where the US is fractured and every state acts like its own country.  Ron Paul wants an America where Christians live in fear of a powerful despot who demands worship to frivilous dieties like Ba’al or a random prince.

    All gold will be owned by an elite few, the lords.  And just like the days of old, they will dole out ‘gold coinage’ like a master gives his dog a treat only if he performs enought tricks.  Do you really want Ron Paul lording over you in such a way?

    It’s important that we lock Ron Paul in an insane asylum where he and his archaic beliefs belong.  The Dollar is constitutional and as we learned in World War II and beyond, can defeat Nazis, dismantle communism and bring the world an era of unprecedented peace.  Whoever would want to turn those things around is an unconstitutional communist in a league of their own.  Go away, Ron Paul.  You’re crazier than Midas.


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