• Rush Limbaugh Sarah Fluke: Are Women On The Pill Really Prostitutes?

    March 4, 2012 4:57 am Comments Off on Rush Limbaugh Sarah Fluke: Are Women On The Pill Really Prostitutes?
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  • Birth control.  Obama wants America to pay for every woman to access to birth control pills and Obama wants America to pay for everyone woman who wants to use abortion as birth control to have a procedure as well.  This lose-lose situation has left many conservatives reeling, including our friend Rush Limbaugh.

    Rush Limbaugh commented that women who use birth control and want us to pay for it want to live the life of prostitutes.  He upped the ante by stating that women who force America to pay for their sex lives of unprotected wildness should at least let us watch every time they gap their legs and put our tax-paid contraception to use.  Do Americans have such a right?

    I would say that as much as Obama has the right to coerce us to pay for contraception for all women, we have the right to demand such things of women.  Hopefully Obama, his spokeswomen and however this Sarah Fluke fits into all of this (unless she is on our side, I just don’t know) get the message.

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