• Scientists Evolve Supercats with Supermemory

    March 4, 2012 7:40 am 12 comments
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  • As scientists continue to wield science in unGodly ways, today’s story of horror involves the greatest threat to humanity:  cats.

    Cats are disgusting creatures that have brutally hunted over 1500 people in one cat-infested section of a forest over the last three years, a grand total of over 20,000 people within the last century.  Such genocide against humanity is the M.O. of the cat family.

    But today we find that it gets worse. Scientists are now not only manipulating the genes of cats to make the more muscular and deadly, but they are also finding ways to boost the brain power of these deadly felines. In the following video, we see a vermin that has been given ‘enhanced memory’.

    These experiments are in line with the reports of Bully Whippet Myostatin expression being crafted into the cat genome, so as to make super powered house cats that are physically able to murder an adult human in a typical fat of unappreciative cat rage. America has over 50 million stray cats. If cats with these genetic engineered genomes enter the general population, America will be sitting on a ticking time bomb. All experiments designed to help cats genetically must be stopped. All strays must be delt with and this video is all the proof you should need to take that extra step in helping to control the stray pet cat population.

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