• Senile George HW Bush SR – ‘Get Behind this Good Man Romney’

    March 29, 2012 6:49 pm 2 comments
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  • Ronald Reagan & George H. W. Bush, Time cover August 27, 1984

    George HW Bush stands next to the greatest president of all time, Saint President Ronald Reagan.

    Former United States President George HW Bush, father to the second greatest president of all time (George W. Bush Jr.)  and President Ronald Reagan’s second-in-command, has quite a storied career and has done much great for this country.  But just like all good things, even his time must come to an end.

    Sadly, today President George HW Bush proved that it is time to feed him some strong meds and throw him into a senior home.  HW Bush for some odd reason gave suspicous support for none other than the Mormon Mitt Romney.  At least with Obama, we know what sort of Sharia socialist scandals to expect.  But the Mormons are trying to become the new Christians, and we just cannot trust them running this country.

    George HW Bush told America to ‘get behind this good man Romney’ and you can only imagine the gays hooted and hollered when he said that.  Not saying that good George HW is part of any nasty agenda, but just that his mind is no longer relevant or he’ be throwing his support behind President Santorum or Gingrich.

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