• Sex Education… Who did it Benefit Most, the Students or their Parents?

    March 10, 2012 7:28 am 36 comments
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    Christian Children Learn Proper Dance While Having Fun

    SALT LAKE CITY – Offering Sex Education in public schools has been a bad idea since its inception. We’re going to look back at the origins of Sex Ed classes and how they became popular and why. We will also examine what we’ve learned about Sex Ed 30+ years after it has been part of the public school curriculum and how one state leads the U.S. in restoring decency in the classroom by removing pornography from Utah schools.

    Teaching sex in the classroom and not in the home became popular during the 1970s which led many states to make the course mandatory for grades 8 through 12; though some states allow parents who object to Sex Ed classes to op-out their child. The notion to teach Sex Ed in the public school system took root in the late 60s but didn’t become popular with some parents and educators until around the mid-70s.

    The movement to add Sex Ed in the classroom could never have occurred during any other era in American history, but as we will see a lot of parents, law makers and educators all hopped on the liberal bandwagon in the 70s during this “age of enlightenment” to move the responsibility of teaching one’s child about sex from the home and into America’s classrooms.

    But once sex became part of the school curriculum it opened the door for public debate which allowed homogay groups such as NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) and others to protest that “gay children” were being left out of Sex Ed since lurid butt-sex and fecal fetishes remained taboo topics. With the gays crying foul and the liberals coming out to support their queer cause Sex Ed classes added “Alternate lifestyles” to their schools curriculum which for the first time in history raised the homogay question among America’s impressionable youth.

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    Teens Are Often Confused About Sex

    I am frequently asked how such an obscene notion ever took root in God’s chosen Christian nation where moral virtues and righteousness had always served us well before. The answer is found among America’s enlightened who forced prayer out of schools and added sex to the school’s curriculum.

    The Baby-Boomers grew up during the Civil Rights era when the U.S. was entangled in violence and controversy against the backdrop of the war in Vietnam, drugs, draft-dogging, bra burning and the unrestrained excesses of the “Free-Love” movement when America’s pop culture adopted a phrase coined by hippies… “If it feels good, do it.”

    With the liberal agenda in place America’s youth never considered the unseen consequences of their sinful indulgences. Though their parents were charged with the responsibility of having “the dirty talk” about sex with their boomer-children, by the time the boomers were crapping out little bastard heathens of their own they had long “tuned out & turned on” to this wonderful new enlightened age.
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    American Youth of the 1960s and 70s Turned Away From God’s Grace to Use Dangerous Drugs and Explore Inter-racial Gay Sin

    Much like a rite-of-passage parents had always known that the day would come when little Johnny or Suzie would ask them about sex and they would have to be responsible parents and have “the talk” with their young, though no parent ever looked forward to it.

    But the age of enlightenment made it so that boomer-hippy parents would no longer be charged with the responsibility of having the embarrassing and icky sex talk with their children by dumping that responsibility onto the school system. Boomer parents welcomed the idea so as to avoid having “the talk” with their children. Now the schools were expected to educate America’s youth about masturbation, foreplay, intercourse, oral copulation, foot fetishes, bondage, lube, vibrators, latex and nipple clamps.

    Another benefit Sex Ed offered boomer-parents was the opportunity to avoid any and all discussions with their children about what they were doing when they were in their teens and early twenties. Parents justly feared what would become of their children if the elicit facts of their own deranged, drugged-out youth were to became known to them. Mom and dad sure had plenty of truths to hide from their children, but sooner or later the kids eventually discovered that box of old photographs you hid in the garage years ago and forgot all about.

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    Height Ashbury 1969

    Pornographic images of mom and dad shocked the children of the 70s. How could their parents tell them “No” to their own youthful curiosities once the kids had found the photographic evidence of their parents listening to shameful Rock N’ Roll music, practicing hippy-black magic and dancing sinfully during demonic sex & drug rituals. Boomer-parents believed if their children acted only half as bad as they had during their youthful excesses they would certainly burn in hell.

    As for the children reared by boomer-parents in Christian homes once their parents were exposed for being the hippy liberal douches they were the realization that mom and dad were going to spend eternity in hell led many teens to suicide, alcoholism, drug use, teen prostitution, and crime. It had started out as an effort to teach tolerance but backfired on American society whose youth were now being educated about pole smokers and carpet munchers.

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      America’s Youth Tune Out & Turn On                      Lesbians Dance at Woodstock     Hippies Were the Godless Spawn of Satan

    If blame is to be assigned then let it fall rightfully on those irresponsible “flower children” or hippies who law enforcement had well documented to be dangerous felons who used drugs and alcohol to “heighten” their “life experiences.” They didn’t believe in bathing, personal grooming or general hygiene helping to spread disease throughout our nation.

    By the 80s these contemptible, hippy drop-outs were most renowned as the generation who turned their backs on their Christian upbringing and on their Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ leaving their children to learn about sex from their friends, or from strangers in back alleys or by viewing pornographic literature and naughty images.

    Now after 30+ years of Sex Ed Utah has become the first state to lead the nation with new legislation that largely removes sex from the classroom and places it rightfully back on the shoulders of parents who can teach their children Christian morals, restraint, and most importantly abstinence.

    On Tuesday Utah legislators passed Senate bill HB 363 19-10 that allows schools to drop Sex Ed completely from their curriculum and prohibits instruction on the use of contraception, as well as any discussion of homosexuality. Once the bill becomes law it will remove the requirement that all public schools must teach Sex Ed, instead allowing school districts to decide. If Sex Ed remains part of a districts curriculum the new law mandates that abstinence-only Sex Ed is to be taught; and further prohibits teachers from talking about homosexuality even if asked by a student.

    Similar legislation passed in Wisconsin last November requires schools to promote abstinence but does not prohibit lessons on the use of contraception. Several other states are now looking into similar legislation.

    Brother Johnathan Bane

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