• Should Black Teen Boys Be Allowed to Wear Hoodies? – Mayor of Topeka and Geraldo Rivera Ask, in Light of Trayvon Martin

    March 23, 2012 4:35 pm 127 comments
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  • Rapper Lil' Wayne wears the scary and popular Rockafeller' Wear hoodie that many gangs are now using.

    We’ve all been there before.  Stuck alone in a store, getting some late night snacks or medicine for the baby at the local drug store or gas station.   You’re standing there not much alert, when suddenly a group of young black men with hoodies walk in.

    Your heart races and you’re terrified!  There can be nothing but gangster menace and rap beating hooliganism hiding under those hoodies.  If they were not guilty already, why would they be covering up their heads from the security cameras!

    If they did not want to rob my purse and then throw me down to do terrible things, why would they be in such a large, scary group with face hidden clothing?

    I can think of nothing more scary and terrifying than a black teen boy wearing a hoodie and many of you feel the same way.  That’s absolutely fine.

    I’m not racist, I’m just extremely terrified of black teenager people in hoodies.  Many good people feel the same way too.

    Take our good friend Mayor Bill Bunten in Topeka.  This is the man whose city finally decriminalized domestic violence and gave tattle-tale wives nowhere to turn but God and their husband’s discipline

    Bunten introduced a potential law that would prevent young teen blacks from wearing hoodies in stores or any other place of business.

    But is that good enough?  With the new tragic case of misunderstanding that surrounds the young man Trayvon Martin, we must consider if all black teens should be blocked from wearing hoodies.

    In addition to keeping them safer from us mistaking a good one from one of the many scary black rappers, car stealers and sex-crazed crack nosed maniacs who just take what they want, it will give good people like you and me from having to be scared and wonder if the next black teen in a hoodie will be our demise.

    Fox News journalist Geraldo Rivera is addressing this very point today and I can only hope that when Mitt Romney is elected president in 2012, he can work with our GOP Congress to get the law passed.

    I dream of a day when black teens earn the right to wear hoodies, just like white men have been wearing non-scary hoods over their faces for years.  But until we reach that point in time, for the sake of society black teens must sacrifice and stop wearing these terrifying hoodies.

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