• Should Mitt Romney Promise to End Women’s Suffrage?

    March 8, 2012 6:56 pm 246 comments
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  • (chrisTwire)—Mitt Romney is looking like he may get the republican nomination for president soon. However many of us are very concerned about his qualifications and his electability come November. To get some momentum going for the contest with Obama, Romney will need to come up with a “game changer” something to set himself above the rest, prove he can lead America in these troubled times.

    This week the Rush Limbaugh – Sandra Fluke feud has brought women’s issues to the forefront of the nation’s agenda. One thing is clear; America Women’s suffrage has gone on long enough. Mitt Romney needs to stand up and denounce it. He needs to promise he will end women’s suffrage once and for all.

    Since women’s suffrage was legalized in 1913, America has been broiled in endless wars, depression, recession, and government gridlock and partisanship. During that time crime has risen nationwide and prisons are overcrowded to dangerous levels. From the time the nation was founded until women’s suffrage, America added 35 new states to our great union. Since then only two states have been added and none since 1959.

    Women support this measure. And specifically uneducated, low income minority women are in favor of ending woman’s suffrage. A poll taken by the Foundation for a Better Tomorrow shows a great desire for women’s suffrage to end.

    It is time to end Americas suffering. If not for us, for our children.


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